edvedev Found Democracy and Freedom of Speech in Russia

edvedev Found Democracy and Freedom of Speech in Russia

The president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev declared in the interview of broadcasting company CNN that the Anti-russian policy of the President of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko hurts him a lot. His words differed on their tonality from his message to colleague Jushchenko sent one month ago: "All of us have relatives in Ukraine, folks and friends, all of us have the need to communicate", - Medvedev said.

Moreover, the president of the Russian Federation actually lowered tonality of the message: "There are things which are important for the future of our relations. We impose nothing, we do not address anyone. I do not appeal to people of Ukraine at all because people of Ukraine have own management. But, as the head of the country, I should state our position to the colleague", - the president of the Russian Federation declared.

Probably, having thought about it for a month, having observing reaction of society and mass-media, Medvedev understood that he "acted off the point" and achieved opposite result: Jushchenko became stronger and Ukraine, on the contrary, ranged against "the Russian threat" which Dmitry Anatolevich presented in his infinite wisdom.

Now Medvedev started talking absolutely humanly. Well, actually we can't be at war with Ukraine... After denial of entry to Ukraine to the operator of the Russian TV, so reconciliatory tonality is, of course, admission of guilt.

By the way, whether not too many mistakes for a year of reign?

New error again - vague recognition of own wrong. If one started repenting, he should do it at once and for all. Say, all people are relatives, it is possible to say - family - they will understand and excuse.

Instead - lies again. Well, why did Medvedev say that he didn't agree with opinion that democratic processes in Russia went back and press was knocked down?

Well after all there are obvious things. To deny which - is silly and ridiculous. When the president elected in such a way as it was done with Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev says that everything's ok with democracy, one feels like crying from affection.

What do such prominent democrats as Ramzan Kadyrov, Murtaza Rakhimov or Kirsan Ilyumzhinov think of democratic processes in the country?

As to freedom of the press, whether such newspaper as "Duel" was not closed recently? Literally this summer? Whether several journalists were not sentenced this very year? Whether some of them were not killed or crippled?

Whether FORUM.msk frankly asks such questions not because of the fact that already in 2007 year it was thrown out from free and democratic Russia?

Dmitry Anatolevich is correct right saying: "I am not pleased with the fact that the process of glorification of nzzi criminals takes place in Ukraine. Actually once we all together struggled against nazism. It's understood in other countries but some Ukrainian heads for some reason do not wish to understand it. I have the right to such estimations because it is common challenge, common threat. Nazi criminals were once convicted by Nuremberg tribunal".

Dmitry Anatolevich really says correctly: "I am not pleased with what's happening in Ukraine." We are also not pleased with what's happening in Ukraine. One shouldn't glorify nazis. One also shouldn't glorify their allies. Why did then Dmitry Anatolevich put flowers to a monument of Mannerheim who together with Germans blockaded Leningrad, where one million of citizens of Leningrad, countrymen of Dmitry Anatolevich died? Why did his direct subordinate prime minister Putin put flowers to the tombs of Ilyin and Denikin and restored their monuments at own expense? Unless Ilyin was not Hitler's supporter as he himself wrote in his "philosophic" works?

Though he said everything correctly. Somehow unpersuasively... Perhaps better he used own example?.


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