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Lenin Set Equaled to Hitler in Poland

Lenin Set Equaled to Hitler in Poland

Сriminal liability will be established in Poland for selling subjects with communistic symbolic including T-shirts with Vladimir Lenin and Che Guevara's images. It is possible to go to prison for two years for infringement. Such amendment to the criminal code was accepted by Polish Sejm.


Originally there was a question only of fascist symbolic. But the deputy from Yaroslav Kachinsky's party "Right and Justice" Stanislav Penta during discussion of amendments declared that it should concern also communistic symbols. Young generation should be explained that communism was equal ill as fascism, Penta considers. As he said, all perceive swastika as ill, while sickle and hammer - few. "After coming into force of this item courts will acquire the right to convict for sale of T-shirts with inscriptions USSR, sickle and hammer, with images of Lenin and this gangster Che Guevara who personally carried out death penalty", - Penta noted.


That the document accepted by Sejm came into force, the decision of the Senate of Poland and signature of the president is necessary.


Let's notice that earlier similar laws were accepted in the Baltic countries.


From editorial board: Today's legislator has an illusion that every nonsense the majority in the national parliament voted for immediately becomes the law. It's not so, finally - nonsense remains nonsense no matter how many fools voted for it.


If legislators read, say, Z.Z.Russo, in his work "About Public Agreement" they would find rather unpleasant for them argument on the nature of law: "... if the general character of will and the same of its subject should be combined in the law, all orders which are done autocratically by some private person whoever he was are by no means laws. Even the orders done by sovereign in private occasion - are not laws..."


In essence, amendment brought in the criminal code, as a matter of fact, following deputy Penta and voted by Sejm cannot become law as it contradicts a number of other laws and international agreements.

Let's remind that ideology of national socialism (and fascism) was repeatedly condemned at the international level. There was nothing of the kind connected to ideology of communism. Moreover, it's not only adhered by many citizens of Europe but in a number of states being full members of the international community this ideology is prevailing. Even in such non-communistic today states as Austria or the Russian Federation a number of symbols of the Soviet epoch still remain attributes of state power - for example, Victory Banner in the Russian Federation or sickle and hammer on the Austrian national emblem. That is representatives of some quite respectable states visiting Poland will appear infringers of law, if they will use state symbolic?

Exotic modes in Baltic which are not accepted seriously, of course, can afford themselves any legislative norms - for example, to declare half of own citizens "aliens" or to elect foreigners the president, to judge veterans of the World War II because they killed fascists and policemen... Many things. In Africa they still try for sorcery, for example. What can be done with ignorant people who received writing system half a century earlier, than Chukchi?

Poland - is respectable European state, it is impossible in such state to pass law as they do it in Uganda or Latvia. There should be legal examination of legislative acts with taking into account consequences of their acceptance.


Do Poles consider communism equal to fascism? What's to be done with the fact that Poland was one of the countries-winners in the World War II and won it under supervision of communists? Let them refuse than from Silesia and a part of East Prussia received from Germany - it's a crime of communistic mode. Let them demand from Ukraine their territories - Lvov, in particular. As to the House of Science and Technique in Warsaw, presented by "bloody tyrant" Stalin let them return indignantly... Let them refuse also from independence of Poland presented by Lenin and "bloody Bolsheviks".


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