Moscow Goes Under th Ground in the Full Correspondence With the Forecasts of the Experts

Moscow Goes Under th Ground in the Full Correspondence With the Forecasts of the Experts

The hole of one of the largest highways in the center of Moscowhave been started hurriedly to repair. On Monday by 7:30 of Moscow time emergency teams took away automobile "KamZ" and compressor from a hole appeared on Sunday evening on Leningradsky Avenue in Moscow. From 6:30 of Moscow time lorries full of sand started to approaching the place of incident. It shouldn’t be discussed but for two circumstances – it’s rather dangerous – that is the first reason; they warned that such thing could happen for thousand times – that is the second.

In brief circumstances of an incident are the following: the gully with the size of 15 x 20 metersand up to 10 meterswas formed because of the damage of a pipe of "Mosvodokanal" nearby to underground station "Sokol" near a house 39 on Leningradsky Avenue. Movement on the doubler of Leningradsky Avenue from underground station "Sokol" up to Central Air terminal to the center has been already blocked. Welding compressor fell together with "Z" into the hole.

FSB management sent a letter to the Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor where addresses of capital constructions which threaten underground stations with landslides were enlisted.

Here you are what center "Diggerpass” informed about the situation in the center of Moscow on the 2nd of May, near underground station "Airport" where, by the way, collapses of buildings and grandiose failures of land have been already noticed.

"Yesterday to the address of city-region "Airport" in Northern Administrative District, Joint Stock Company "Floriola", in an apartment house №7 on the Pilot Nesterov’s Street, on the 9th floor in the flat of citizen Kotova T.N. after the works carried out in the period from 12.00 to 13.00 by an engineer on installation of control "signals" on tearing off overlappings and walls, practically right after his leaving, in 13.10-13.20 the crack in celling overlappings was heard and a "signal" put on a crack in a ceiling of a toilet room fell out on a head of the mistress of the flat who came there at that moment".

All these – exactly at the place where the current collapse took place and where at the moment despite of numerous warnings of experts scale construction is being conducted.

Certainly, the authorities concerned mainly with development of means from the city budget don’t pay special attention to such warnings. At least if it will be necessary, it’s possible to organize restoration after such "spontaneous" collapses on the money taken from this very budget ...

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