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If There Is a Reason to Leave Kazakhstan?

If There Is a Reason to Leave Kazakhstan?
Источник: DUMAEM.RU

As it used to be…

For the best understanding of this question let's go into (already far) 60th years. Mutual sympathy and understanding between the Russians and Kazakhs were simply amazing by the time. And tremendous. Both peoples felt pleasure from communication and life together. Being on a joint of cultures and civilizations was highly obliging, therefore each person internally felt himself not only a separate individual but also the representative of people on this impressing interethnic arena which (by the will of the destiny) was represented then by Kazakhstan.

People behaved in severity, not allowing the worse features of their character to be free, showing the best. There were, of course, separate fine household skirmishes and squabbles (especially in the course of ordinary neighbouring quarrels), but first of all, it was really a trifle, for the second, a society itself vigilantly watched up and punished those who disobeyed severely so that it wouldn’t develop into something more large-scaled.

 The most impressing evidence of the aforesaid was that people celebrated holidays together: sincerely, open-heartedly, with real, not hypocritical fun. Family, youth and the children's companies for spending leisure time and communication were international. People were interested in each other not by a principle of a nationality, but by a principle of a generality of characters and vital interests.

This fact (I run a little forward) testifies as well that all further stories about terrible misunderstanding which ostensibly took place between our peoples in the 20-30th years (having place from an easy hand of some rather original "eyewitnesses") is - bosh. So warm, sincere and confidential relations which our peoples had in the 50-60th years can not be developed after such terrible, ostensibly, events happened merely thirty-years before.

This atmosphere of heat, sincerity and trust in relations between the Russians and Kazakhs (besides of a number of quite authentic historical sources) more than anything else testifies that all latest "horrors" of such "historical" stories is – a full lie.

Life changes…

Time passed. Republics changed by the will of party leadership, their structures and volumes of their economics also changed. New, never existed before branches appeared: industry, agriculture, large construction, municipal services, transport, communication, power. Habitual occupations of many people which have not sustained tests by efficiency in comparison with new branches of economy went away. Workers of new branches raised their well-being, workers of old, wear-off branches lowered it. On a wave of the increased public riches a number of new (frequently not so sharply necessary) occupations appeared, among them state management and ideology were especially allocated with the importance. Not that they were not necessary... But, in conditions of the indifference to a question of the economic feasibility existed by the time many organizations and posts were introduced in quantity which obviously exceeded the needs. In conditions of growing well-being of the society its internal intensity began to increase. It’s quite naturally: when all are poor – what could be divided? In conditions of appearance of some public riches disagreements and different interpretations of expectations concerning their distribution began to appear. Including – national ones.

But, in the whole, all those were not realized at all by the society and separate people. There were no external displays. People (of the most different nationalities and in considerable quantity) felt dissatisfaction, but they failed to formulate and state it.

It has been splashed out…

Shock came suddenly: Zheltoksan! Today it’s completely clear that there was no «spontaneous splash of sincere indignation of youth». Everything was thought over and organized too well and scrupulously. Too enormous administrative, organizational, financial, material, transport and manpower resources were involved. So well prepared and organized action could not appear "spontaneously" right on the next morning after the evening session of the republican Central Committee and decision-making on "election" of the Russian leader of the local party organization sent by Moscow.But a shock was general. The Russians were offended by that their contribution to a coin box of riches of the republic was underestimated, that insufficiently high speed of increase of their standard of living (in their opinion) - was subjected to doubt absolutely in different direction. And Kazakhs received in their logic arsenal of discontent with standard of life formulated ideological substantiation so necessary for them.

Rigid punishment for the performance non-authorized by official authority didn’t keep waiting long. To tell you the truth, as usually, innocent were the ones that suffered: the youth excited by skilful propaganda speeches and teachers that had little influence. True inspirers and organizers of the performance remained as usually behind side scenes.

The following two one year outwardly resembled former time, but - only externally. Was not more concerning people of different nationalities former приязни, sincerity and trust. Externally all looked as (the East is the East), but internally all became perfect other. And, as soon as ослабла rigid before party Kremlin authority, also there has left восвояси the visitor the party head - all former claims were splashed out outside. It would not be desirable for it to fray again, again to understand, who is right, who is guilty … I Shall tell only one: it, instead of mythical "economic feasibility" became the reason of mass departure from republic of Russian and

Russian-speaking population

Next two and a half years externally resembled former time, but - only externally. There was no former sympathy, sincerity and trust between people of different nationalities. Externally everything looked as it used to look (the East is the East) but internally everything became differently. As soon as party Kremlin authority so rigid before weakened, not local party head went away with nothing - all former claims were splashed out. I don’t want to talk it over again, to try to understand who is right, who is wrong … I’ll tell the only thing: that was the reason and not mythical "economic feasibility" of mass departure from republic of Russian and Russian-speaking population. What "economic feasibility" and «economic reason of departure» could be talked about by the time, if in Russia we could find absolutely same position as well as in Kazakhstan: the same disorder, the same instability, the same uncertainty, the same indefiniteness in tomorrow's day? What was that came to change habitual way of life, habitual work, habitual environment? Whether it was worth that all? Who’s guilty?

My family also left the republic… not wishing to perceive on their account fair reproaches of Kazakhs in making disorder out of their habitual way of life and economy, in environmental contamination.

The reproaches were fair, but whether they were addressed to the proper addressee? Whether that were Russian, simple people, the inhabitants living side by side with Kazakhs, sharing with them those years the same burdens of life who are guilty that the republican party management (consisted, by the way, by the time basically from representatives of the title nation and defined their own policy according to the will of local political clans) so devil-may-carely treated national culture, to a way of life and the economy, being the first to support accommodation of favourable expensive military objects on the territory of the republic? Whether the Kremlin management (by the way, rather loyally treated national languages and cultures and even spent on their development considerable financial, organizational and manpower resources) was guilty in it?

In other republics which received not more means for that, the results were absolutely different: it’s enough only to look at the depth national languages and cultures took roots among population. If somewhere in republics local authorities spent the resources let off by the center for expensive ostentatious representation purposes – then it’s not the Kremlin management and Russian-speaking inhabitants who should be disappointed …

If simple Russian people who took in the same serious way songs about «full celebration of internationalism», about «birth of a new historical generality - Soviet people» were guilty in all that? The Russians as well as Kazakhs seriously trusted in all that, they noticed with disappointment disappearance of Russian national customs, traditions, dances, songs, legends … My family also not wishing as it has been already saidto bear responsibility left. To receive undeserved reproaches in nationalism there where the reasons obviously had social and career character. To feel because of it a loss and humiliation of the most sacred that is in a coin box of moral values of each normal person - national feeling.

New Realities

Thirteen years passed after departure. All these years I quite often recollected native places, memories and recollections of the childhood and youth chafed my heart. Whether distortions have not ended? Whether people have not understood that all former charges addressed to the Russians then are absolutely unfair, far-fetched and unreasonable? Whether fifteen years of life already in own national country have not revealed it to people?

That was what I thought entering the most known and visited in Kazakhstan electronic site Navigator - 2. Alas … What did I see there? Everything that people spoke before in a rage, that frequently was only an assumption - now became indisputable true. People who knew well, how it was in reality, disappeared. The whole new generation having absorbed new speeches, believed them has grown up. Believed in magnificent distortions of a history of the Russian-Kazakh relations, introduced by singers and spokesmen of ideas of marginal and a deprived part of the Kazakh society. But, as (for the reasons unknown to me) an educated, cultural and successful part of the Kazakh society failed give to these distortions of "singers of aul” more or less impressing ideological alternative, the last became a basis of intellectual idea of the Kazakh society. All this not only penetrated on pages of the Kazakhstan mass-media writing today about it as already about ordinary, not demanding any proofs fact, but also on pages of school textbooks of history.

What does it all mean? It means that all these wild distortions of history which don’t have any relation to the reality, which are not easy to deny, but can be easily used on several scientific conferences and symposiums will continue to multiplicate itself farther, new generations of the Kazakhs devoutly trusting in all this bosh will continue to grow up. Time and territorial dispassionateness from hot operative events, noninvolvement in fine daily affairs and deep analysis of situation on the basis of the scrupulous analysis allowed to draw rather not palatable conclusions.

And practically personally to imagine rather unfavourable (not so much for Russian and Russian-speaking population than for the educated, cultural and successful part of the most Kazakh society) future, quite possible and even probable, prospect of the country. Oralmen, having returned to their historical Native land but not having found there for themselves a worthy vital and professional niche, sooner or later should consolidate and begin to organize protection of their rights. The thought that won and occupied firm superiority in national idea the idea of "fair redistribution of available national riches” over the idea of work on its increase - only will help them in it.

The state didn’t bother itself neither with assignment of means, nor with organization of efforts to adapt them for realities of life of modern Kazakhstan. As the educational and cultural level of the basic part of oralmen is considerably lower than the level of Kazakhs, natives of Kazakhstan, the basic spectrum of their interests and requirements will be directed not on increasing quantity and quality of national riches of the country, but on how to distribute it "more fairly". Yes, actually, this process is already quite appreciable in numerous "electronic" discussions.

Methodic of Change of Political Systems

The youth annually finishing school and pouring constantly in adult life will support them. Why? Because it has and will have rather serious claim to the present authority and to all "generation of fathers” for their attitude to the Russians. You will ask: «What relation do the Russians have to it». The attitude to the Russians is the basic building material of all new ideological construction. Children and youth, i.e. people with the thinest mental organization, with aggravated feeling of fairness, with hatred to injustice and with contempt to the absence of protest against injustice - at heart cannot forgive "fathers" for their «not acting against monsters». And at heart for that is the reason why they will not respect them. How is possible to treat "fathers" if to take that monstrous lie about a history of the Russian-Kazakh relations that is being poured out into society, into not so strong children's hearts sobbing «fighters for restoration of historical validity» easy and seriously?

Here we have one of two: or "fighters" lie (it is monstrous) or the Russians are - monsters. There is no third variant...

Not to recognize lie of "fighters" means to be confident that the Russians are - monsters. Not to oppose monsters and furthermore to cooperate with them - means to be coward and conformist. Everything is extremely clear and simple …

Well, as a place in heart cannot stay empty, a pedestal of «fighters for validity» will occupy in soul of youth ideas and subsequently future organizations of oralmen. It concerns not only oralmen’s and country youth, but also city youth, quite successful and respectable. Oralmen can head and will head future national protest. Why? They do not bear a brand of "helpers of a bloody occupational regime”. And their embitternment and hopelessness of vital existence will give them huge all-destroying energy.

The fact that oralmen rigidly adhere to canons and requirements of an Islam - also will help to get youth to follow. After the failure of communism spiritual emptiness appeared in souls of people which practically in all postSoviet countries the authority tried to fill with religious content. After 70 years of militant atheism that process (especially for adult people with well developed sights and systems of values) became in many respects conditional and a little bit hypocritical.

But children's and young heart is especially intolerant to hypocrisy and is active in counteraction to it. Real and not imaginary religiousness of oralmen will undoubtedly involve youth, will lead it behind and will finally bury any future prospects of present system of authority in the country as well as of its political, economic and cultural elite.

Tiny Beats Big One

Present elite of the country, excessively engaged itself with solving of concrete pragmatic political tasks - completely missed strategic prospect. Having engaged in the process of positioning of the independent state, discharging from former «the imperial center», struggling against «heritage of the damned past» and creating of independent national idea, it didn’t notice how tragically far it went and drew itself in completely desperate situation. Seeing around itself only «unwillingness of the Russians to recognize Kazakhs equal to them» and «imperial ambitions against the new independent nation», ideologists of new authority missed own youth. And consequently - own future.

Being people adult, sensible and cynical enough, they knew perfectly well the real price to all these hysterics and sobbings of «fighters for restoration of historical validity». But they did not take into consideration that youth despite of them, does not know real state of affairs in interethnic relations during the time of socialism. They did not take into consideration that the youth is more trustful to what it sees in mass-media and textbooks. They did not take into consideration that the youth is more intolerant to injustice (which was not in practice while senior generation perfectly knows about it) in which youth has believed with all heat of their hot hearts.

The present elite of the country being excessively engaged in discharge from former «imperial center» didn’t notice that former “imperial center” long time ago (finally) gave up its former "colonies", having given to their ruling elites full opportunity to do in their possession everything that they like. Being engaged with new official attributes of unusual independence and all accompanying them charms of international recognition and international contacts, the present elite of the country has practically ceased to pay attention to own population. "Reasonably" (from their pragmatic point of view) having judged that oil and gas will feed people up and everything else is: lyrical and sentimental nonsenses … The present elite of the country forgot about the souls of own citizens. Especially: about the souls of their young generation. Having forgotten that the authority should be legitimate not only in official laws, not only in opinion of the world community, but also in souls of its citizens.Similar "forgetfulness" – very often costs a lot …

Some Reflections…

The policy of actual support of distortions of a history of the Russian-Kazakh relations carried out by political elite always objectively worked against interests of the country and Kazakhs. If history went the other way and instead of interethnic quarrels and mutual claims, all peoples of the young country would rally on the basis of idea of new independence, Kazakhstan would have all preconditions to become a new Asian tiger. A real one, not a fruit of a universal propaganda sensation. However, the given theme can be a subject of separate article. History can’t stand a subjunctive mood. We shall not resort to it then. The given idea had only informational character.

Let's continue …

The policy of actual support of distortions of a history of the Russian-Kazakh relations supported by political elite during the first years of independence had some logic sense even for interests of the elite. Aiming to replace the old administrative staff and occupation of treasured state posts by new political characters. After this process was actually completed, further continuation of former policy began to work against interests of the most political elite.  Rather strongly. But there was nobody among the elite who would reflect on necessity of overcoming of inertia of the direction of movement and sharp necessity of radical change of political rate. Why a question of national claims of local population to the Russians stands today everywhere in all postSoviet countries and the prospect of marginal revolution expects only Kazakhstan? There are some objective reasons which others do not have. First, full paralysis of the basic branch of traditional national economy - nomadic cattle breeding. Second, arrival of oralmen and devil-may-care attitude of authorities to it. Thirdly, presence in Kazakhstan of a powerful diaspora of Russian and Russian-speaking population which will serve as "a red cloth” for the followers of the idea “to take everything and divide”. Well and, at last, the most important: presence of oil and gas. That is what is not present in overwhelming majority of the postSoviet countries. When there is something that can be divided, there is always intensity. There is always discontent. And dissatisfied always appear. The low educational level and the genera culture of oralmen allows to make quite a substantiated conclusion that future political regime of oralmen if they win will be very aggressive and intolerant. Intolerant to another's opinions and customs, to education, to high culture. There will be nothing that was in Iran and Afghanistan, there in the head of movements were cultural and educated people. Most of all it will be similar to Cambodia of 1976, with one difference: in its spiritual basis will be not a communism, but extremely strict and fanatical Islam. (However, this spiritual basis shows incomparably big practical roots rather than communism).

Recent exotic proposals on a political reorganization of the country show that the political elite of Kazakhstan searches for a guarantee of stability of its position. But there’s no use to hopes that monarchy will protect it from all waves of national anger. Oralmen will rise on a wave of dissatisfaction that riches of Kazakhstan are not shared and distributed fifty-fifty between all. (As in intellectual idea of the country the thought that it is necessary to study, work and develop economy increasing riches of the country is forgotten. The questions of "fair" redistribution of riches that are available but has been already distributed is discussed). As very soon youth will be on their side, the youth that has sincerely accepted belief in maddest distortions of history of the Russian-Kazakh relations, oralmen will easily overturns any mode. To say precisely: very easily. Thrones of monarches are also valiantly thrown from imperous Olympus, as well as chairs of "democrats".

What Are the Perspectives?

We were going once to talk about expediency of the Russian and Russian-speaking population from Kazakhstanin connection with introduction in Russiaof new programme on resettlement and receipt of compatriots? What could be said here? Let everyone decide for himself. Let everyone think about his own future and define it for himself. But if the present elite of Kazakhstan doesn’t reconsider in the nearest future its strategic concept of its national (more than that – internal) policy – than in the very nearest future the question of resettlement into Russia will appear not only before the Russians. But also – before a significant number of Kazakhs!

P.S. Sceptics can try to challenge the reasons mentioned saying that Internet doesn’t reflect the real opinion of the society. It’s possible to answer to it like this: if in virtual life questions of the accelerated development in the country of the European culture and education, the advanced methods of the organization of a social life and work are under discussions - then it would be possible to say, that participants of the Internet do not reflect interests of the basic part of a society in view of their a bit vanguard advancement.

But as the reasons given in the article concern, on the contrary, obsolete and archaic points of view and images (which are not likely to appear in the advanced Internet), then their quite palpable presence in a virtual life (they are already present, they are already born, they are ripping, they are beating in torments and aspire to growth and splash), it is possible to imagine WHAT is going on in hearts and souls of dissatisfied people in their real life!

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