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CIA Orders Political Murders of Citizens of Allied to the USA Countries

CIA Orders Political Murders of Citizens of Allied to the USA Countries
Filin Vladimir 18.09.2006

In 2002 special services of six western states: the USA, the Great Britain, Israel, Germany, Franceand Australiacreated incorporated center called «Base Alliance». The center settles down in France, in Military Academy and in the Palace of invalids in the 7-th district of Paris. It is headed by a Frenchman. An official target of the center - interchange of data about «international terrorists» and «leaders of the organized crime» and their "neutralization".

Newspaper “Washington Post” was the first that informed about existence of "Base Alliance» on July, 3 this year. Official confirmation was given on September, 12 when Christof Shabu – the Chief of UCLAT - French Management on coordination of struggle against terrorism - appeared on the waves of radio station "RFI" in “France-Info”. According to Shabu, there are “positive results” in the activity of the center. And though «they are little of them but they are very essential».

As is known, coordination of activity between the Western special services in the field of information interchange has been carrying out for a long time. It has various organizational forms. Therefore there is nothing sensational in it. Another case is - so-called "neutralization". As a matter of fact the question is about extrajudicial punishments over people ostensibly involved in the international terrorism and drug mafia. Thus the degree of participation is established on a basis of "operative information”, including anonymous secret-service sources. Thus huge opportunities open for tyranny having in the basis political or commercial underlying reason or even personal hostility.

It is known from press that, for example, special services of Israel widely apply extrajudicial liquidations, they even shot in Hollywood about it film "Munich". Special services of France do not lag behind Israelis: it is enough to recollect a story with explosion of a vessel "RainbowWorrier".

Americans also have considerable experience. At that experience is also rather specific. So, in the beginning of 60th years well-known liberals in power brothers Kennedy decided "to remove" Fidel Kastro having given corresponding orders to CIA. CIA, in its turn, readdressed the "order" to mafia. Fortunately, an attempt failed then, though on a mere chance.

After decision of President Ford in the middle of 70th about interdiction of such practice it seemed for some time to the human rights publicity that extrajudicial punishments were removed from the arsenal of the American special services. I also innocently trusted in it till last summer I was not convinced in the opposite.

I was then on a business trip abroad together with political scientist Anton Surikov and one our comrade from the Ukraine. With the help of the acquaintances of ours we were presented to the employee of the Executive Director of CIA Foggo. This person suggested us to cooperate. Thus cooperation should consist in two things. Firstly, we were offered to refuse from participation in the commercial projects providing rendering of advisory services to several companies and private persons in Venezuela, Mexico and Yemen.

Secondly, we were asked to sign an agreement to cooperate with law enforcement bodies of the USAwithin the framework of which we should frame under the oath some people in committing grave crimes part of whom were citizens of the USAand were on the American public service.

Certainly, we categorically refused, that what we declared to the employee of Foggo. In reply threats followed in our address and the address of our partners "to lag" and even "to destroy". Firstly we decided that it’s - mere words. But it was soon found out that we underestimated our interlocutor and those who were behind him in CIA.

Our business partners got problems with "gangsters". One of them was struck on the head with an iron pipe in broad daylight near cafe in the center of Mexico, he didn’t die only because of a mere chance. They tried to kidnap a mother, a wife and three children of another partner in the capital of Yemen Sane right near the exit from a cinema. They had been already pushed into minibus, but security appeared in time and criminals had to retire having thrown their victims.

After that I was called by the employee of Foggo and was politely asked whether we changed our decision. I answered in negative. The answer didn’t keep waiting - in Bogota an attempt to kill our Colombian partner was undertaken. Radio-controlled mine was put under the bottom of his car parked on parking near office. If it worked, together with him his wife, the driver, the security officer and the secretary inevitably would be killed.

Due to pure accident security managed to find out the mine. After that with the help of our Colombian Private Security Firm an investigation was carried out. It was found out that people who put an explosive got into an objective of the videocamera located on a building of the next shop. It helped to establish their persons - they appeared to be criminals. As a result of carrying out of operative - search actions, their contacts were revealed.

These contacts through the middleman brought to the employee of CIA who was legally in Columbiaunder the pretext of rendering assistance to law enforcement bodies of that country in struggle against drug mafia and kidnappers. Thus, the customer was established by operative way. Executors and the middleman during the course of conversation explained his role in all details under videorecording.

The following circumstances add special piquancy to this story. Firstly, our partner and his Venezuelan wife having German roots and surname alongside with Colombian and Venezuelan possess citizenship of Germany - ally of the USA on the block of the NATO. That is CIA orders murders of citizens of the allied countries with America.

Secondly, the wife of our partner is - a close relative of the Venezuelan general, the colleague of the president of country Ugo Chaves. That is, the attempt to murder comprised obvious political ground. All these directly contradicts laws of the USA. However, CIA doesn’t consider it all. Anyway, till May of this year during the management of the former director of the American espionage department Porter Goss it was so.

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