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Janukovich Again Turn His Face to the Europe and Back to Russia

Janukovich Again Turn His Face to the Europe and Back to Russia
Alexander Magidovich 22.09.2006

The geographical position of the Ukraine is such that in any way it is impossible for Kiev to face simultaneously both the Europe and Russia. Therefore it is necessary to turn periodically this or that way to show not the most decent place. Actually, to show both a kind smile or a thick "figure of fingers" – is the Ukrainian policy during the whole history of "nezalezhnosti". Certainly, there is always a risk to receive in the face and a kick simultaneously but meanwhile they manage to avoid it somehow. So, the Prime Minister of the Ukraine Victor Janukovich within the limits of the working visit to Brussels had a meeting with the president of the European Parliament Hose Borrel. 

"Today it is a question of the way which we should pass together with EU but for this purpose the Ukrainians should carry out the reforms extremely necessary for our state", - Victor Janukovich emphasized in conversation with Hose Borrel, the press-service of Cabinet Council broadcasts. The head of the government noticed that the main priorities on this way are struggle against corruption, economic reforms, introduction of the Ukraine into WTO and after that - creation of a zone of free trade with EU.

Just right now in the same place other, fillet part of the Ukrainian policy was shown when the Prime-Minister Janukovich “delefated" Europeans with introduction of the Ukraine into NATO. Now is a turn fro Russia to go to the same address: Kiev will not enter the customs union within the limits of Uniform economic space.

"I would like that we did not confuse creation of the customs union with a zone of free trade, Not for one time I answered that question: it contradicts the Ukrainian constitution and we won’t do it", - he told at press conference on Thursday in Brusseles answering a question of journalists on the possible contradiction of creation of a zone of free trade with EU and Russia.

Hose Borrel not yet acquainted with the Ukrainian policy was delighted and told that before  that conversations on the introduction of the Ukraine into the European Union were far from reality, however now there’s in the Europe positive impression from the activity of the Ukraine. "I applaud your actions and would like to offer a maximum level of cooperation", - Hose Borrel noted.

In his turn Victor Janukovich informed that from the Ukrainian side there would be created the working group for preparation of wide cooperation of the agreement between the Ukraine and the European Union. The agreement supposes to include item on creation of a zone of free trade with EU, - the Prime-Minister noted.

The sides also discussed prospects of introduction of the Ukraine into the World trading organization. At that Janukovich showed that in the middle of October there would be parliamentary hearings on that question. Introduction into WTO is one of prime priorities of activity of the government, - Victor Janukovich emphasized.

After that having turned his back to the Europe Victor Janukovich went to Moscow. Probably he will tell something curious. However, Moscow has already experience in connection with the Ukrainian policy and it guesses what place of the Ukrainian Prime-Minister will smile...

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