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Bread that Kill Us...

Bread that Kill Us...
Evdokimov Alexey, newspaper "Rodovya Zemlya" 24.09.2006

Our great-grandfathers said: "Bread Is – a God’s Gift". But they baked it not at all on termophilic yeast. This yeast appeared even before war. Scientists who were engaged in studying of this question bumped in Lenin library on sources from Hitlerite Germany where it was said that that yeast was grown up on human bones, that if Russia would not die in the war, it would die from yeast. Our experts were not allowed to make the reference to the sources, to copy them. Documents were coded.

So, if even termophilic yeast has appeared recently, then by what means of they baked kvass breads in an extreme antiquity and in the recent past? Well-known country ferments were prepared from rye flour, straw, oats, barley, and wheat. Till now in deaf villages one can find recipes of preparation of bread without today's yeast. Such ferments enriched organism with organic acids, vitamins, mineral substances, enzymes, pacefollower, pectinaceous substances, biostimulators.

The batch of bread in national kitchen was original ritual. The secret of its preparation was passed from father to son. Practically each family had its own recipe. They baked bread approximately once a week on various ferments: rye, оat. Though bread turned out to be rougher, the use of the crude rye flour promoted preservation in it of all useful substances which were contained in cereals. At baking in the Russian furnace the bread got unforgettable taste and aroma. Such bread will not harden or moldy even in a year.

But for some decades already the bread is baked in different way. Not natural ferments are used for this purpose but invented by man termophilic yeast, true yeast. Technology of their preparation is - monstrous, antinatural. Manufacture of baking yeast is based on their duplication in liquid nutrient mediums. Blackstrap is diluted with water, processed with chloric lime, acidified by a sulfuric acid, etc. Strange methods, it is necessary to recognize, are used for preparation of foodstuff, besides, if to take into account that there is in nature natural yeast – hoppy, for example, molt, etc

Scientists all over the world are alarmed. The mechanisms of negative influence of termophilic yeast on organism. Let’s see what is it termophilic yeast – Saccharomyces and what role they play in worsening of health of those who eat what have been baked with their use.

Yeast–Saccharomyces (termophilic yeast) which sorts are used in spirit varnish industries, brewing and baking are not met in nature. Saccharomyces, unfortunately, are steadier than fabric cells. They do not collapse during preparation, not by saliva in organism of a man. Barmy cells-murderers, cells-killers kill sensitive, less protected cells of organism by allocation in them of poisonous substances of small molecular weight.

Toxic fiber acts on plasma membranes increasing their permeability for pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. Yeast get first in cells of a digestive path and then into a blood channel. Termophilic yeast multiple in organism in a geometrical progression and allow pathogenic microflora to live and be made multiple copies actively oppressing normal microflora owing to which in intestines can be developed vitamins of group B and irreplaceable amino acids. Activity of all bodies of digestion is being interrupted in the roughest way: a stomach, a pancreas, a bilious bubble, a liver and intestines.

The stomach is covered from within by a special mucous membrane, steady against action of acid. However, if a person uses excessively barmy products and acid forming food the stomach cannot resist it for long. The burn will lead to formation of ulcers, there will be a pain and such common symptom as a heartburn.

The use in food of the products prepared on the basis of termophilic yeast promotes formation of clots of sand and then stones in a bilious bubble, liver, pancreas, to formation of locks and tumours. Processes of rotting accrue in intestines, the pathogenic microflora develops, brush border is injured. Evacuation of toxic weights from organism is slowed down, gas pockets where fecal stones stand are formed. Gradually they grow in mucous and submucous layers of intestines. Secreta of bodies of digestion loses protective function and reduces digestive one. Vitamins are insufficiently acquired and synthesized, microcells and the most important of them - calcium are not acquired in a due measure.

Doctors with regret mark critical decrease in level of calcium in blood of children. If earlier it made up 9-12 units (norm), now it does not reach even 3! Pathogenic microorganisms get through a wall of intestines and get in a blood current. The microbal, fungoid, virus, parasitic flora with ease takes root in organism. Exchange processes at a cellular level are broken. Biochemical structure of blood changes. Ooze appears in blood plasma. Circulation of blood on vessels is slowed down, microthrombs are formed. Lymphoid system is wearing out. Nerve tissue suffers different dystrophic changes.

One more serious disease – acidosis, infringement of acid-base balance. The weariness, irritability grow, fast physical and intellectual exhaustion, a nausea, bitterness in a mouth, grey strike on the tongue, gastritis, black circles under eyes, pains in muscles from surplus of an acid, loss of elasticity of muscles appear. The organism struggles with acidosis, spending a lot of energy on restoration of acid-base balance due to itself, spending hard the major alkaline reserve: calcium, magnesium, iron, kalium, sodium. Withdrawal of alkaline mineral elements from bones of a skeleton inevitably leads to their painful fragility that is one of the main reasons of a bony osteoporosis at any age.

And, at last, anatomic infringements. Normally the heart, lungs and organs beneath - the stomach and a liver as well as pancreas receive powerful massing power stimulus from diaphragm which is the main respiratory muscle which flies up to the 4-th and 5-th intercostals spaces. During barmy fermentation the diaphragm does not reach the necessary volume of oscillatory movements, gets compelled position, the heart settles down horizontally, the bottom shares of the lungs are squeezed, all organs of digestion are clamped by extremely puffed up gases and misshapen bowel. Often bilious bubble leaves its box changing even the form. Normally the diaphragm, making oscillatory movements, promotes creation of vacuum pressure in a thorax which draws blood from the bottom and top extremities and head for clarification in lungs. At restriction of its digression process doesn’t occur properly.

All these together promotes increase of developments of stagnation in the bottom extremities, small basin, head and leads as a result to varicose veins, thrombosis, trophic ulcers and to further decrease of immunity.

Experience of French scientist Etena Volf is worth attention. Within 37 months he cultivated a malignant tumour in a test tube with a solution in which there was an extract of fermenting yeast. Meanwhile during 16 months the tumour of intestines was cultivated in the same conditions outside of communication with a living tissue. As a result of experiment it was found out that in such solution the size of a tumour was doubled and trebled within one week. But as soon as the extract was extracted from solution, the tumour perished. A conclusion was drawn that in the extract of yeast there’s a substance stimulating the growth of tumours (newspaper “Izvestiya”).  

It is impossible to bypass in silence such question. Where did the flour from integral grain from which our ancestors baked bread disappear? Only the flour from integral grain comprises vitamins of group B, micro- and macrocells and a germ which possesses fantastic medical properties. The refined flour is deprived both a germ and a cover. Instead of these, created by nature, curative parts of grain they add in flour every possible food additives, substitutes created chemically which never can execute that was created by the nature.

The refined flour becomes mucin-producing product which lays down on a bottom of a stomach in a form of a clod and slags our organism. Refinement is - an expensive process thus killing alive force of grain. It is necessary only so that to keep flour from damage for more time. Integral flour cannot be stored for long but it is not required. Let grain be stored and from it as required is possible to prepare a flour.

To restore health of the nation is necessary to return to baking of bread by means of the yeast existing in the nature, in hop, malt. Bread on hop ferment contains all irreplaceable amino acids, carbohydrates, pacefollower, vitamins Bl, B7, РР; mineral substances: salts of sodium, calium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and also microcells: gold, cobalt, copper which participate in formation of unique respiratory enzymes.

Probably, bread grains name golden not by a chance. Bread on hop ferment gives maximal succagogue effect, i.e. actively extracts from a pancreas, a liver, a bilious bubble enzymes and other substances necessary for high-grade digestion improving a motility of intestines. A person eating such bread is filled with energy, he ceases to be hurt by catarrhal diseases, his posture is corrected, immunity is restored.

Information about harm of the use of bakeries from baking yeast slowly but truly enters consciousness of people. A lot of people bake bread by themselves. They start to open mini-bakeries. This not barmy bread is expensive meanwhile but it disappears immediately. Demand is ahead of the offer.

In Ryazan a bread-baking plant has started to work under the new scheme, similar manufacture is situated in Noginsk. Everything new is - well forgotten old...

Alternative recipes:


1. Way of preparation of fresh flat cakes (unleavened wheat cake) in house conditions. Compounds: 1 glass of water, 2,5 glasses of flour, 1,5 teaspoons of salt (or according to taste). Salt is stirred in the water. Gradually pour a flour into salty water by a thin thread. Make pastry. Then allow a paste to stay (to have a rest) for 20-30 minutes. To heat a frying pan. Unroll thinly a flat cake. Dry a flat cake for some seconds on the heated frying pan. All in all we’ll receive 10-12 flat cakes. Ready flat cakes is necessary to splash with water otherwise they will be crisp. It’s better to keep cakes in cellulose parcel in the fridge not longer than for 72 hours.  

2. Bread from couched grains of wheat. Damp, couched grains of wheat are pressed in flat cakes, then dried on the open sun or on a hot stone.

3. Fresh flat cakes and rolls on mineral water. It is the most economic way, it is simple and accessible to everyone. It is possible to prepare soda water in siphon or to buy any alkaline mineral water. To sift the calcinated flour. To dissolve with mineral water. To form flat cakes or rolls. To place them in preliminary heatedfurnace.

4. Domestic yeast. Take 100-200 gram of raisin, wash out with warm water, place in a bottle with a wide neck, fill in with warm water, add some sugar, fasten from above a gauze in 4 layers and put in a warm place. On the 4-5 day fermentation will begin, it is possible to put dough. It should be fragrant and not sour.

5. Yeast from dry hop. Fill in hop with hot water (1:2) and boil in a saucepan. If hop emerges, it is sunk in water with a help of spoon. When water will evaporate to the extend that broth remains twice less initial, it is decanted. In the cooled down warm broth dissolve sugar (1 table-spoon for 1 glass of broth), mix with a flour (0,5 glasses of flour for 1 glass of broth). Then yeast is put in a warm place for two days for fermentation. Ready yeast spill in bottles, cork and store in cool place. For preparation of 2-3 kg of bread it’s necessary to use 0.5 glasses of yeast.

6. Yeast from fresh hop. In the enameled saucepan densely pawn fresh hop, fill in with hot water and cook about 1 hour having covered with a cover. Then broth is cooled a little, poured salt, sugar and 2 incomplete glasses of wheat flour. Knead weight up to smoothness, put in heat for 36 hours, then wipe pair of boiled potatoes, mix with yeast and again allow to fret in heat for a day. Ready yeast pour into the bottles and densely close with fuses. You need a quarter of glass of yeast for 1 kg of flour.  

7. Malt yeast. It’s necessary to remind that malt is – a couched in heat and moisture grain, dried and largerly processed. 1 glass of flour and 0,5 glasses of sugar dilute in 5 glasses of water, add 3 glasses of malt and cook for about 1 hour. Cool, still warm solution spill in bottles, leaky cover with fuses and for day put in a warm place and then in a cold one. The use of this yeast for preparation of bread is the same as well as yeast from dry hop.

Who prevents us from checking this data? And to bake bread and other cakes using proposed ferments or ferments which are accessible to us or we like more?

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