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The Left in Greece Will Get Majority in Parliament and Will Form the Government

The Left in Greece Will Get Majority in Parliament and Will Form the Government

On parliamentary elections passed on Sunday, October, 4th in Greece oppositional Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) leads, Agence France Presse informs referring to the data of interrogation of voters near to exits from polling districts.


The party of the Greek socialists is headed by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs George Papandreou. As Reuters informs, exit - polls testify that more than 40 percent of voters voted for socialists. It is enough to receive majority in parliament and to form the government.


Under forecasts of analysts, if data of exit - polls proves to be true, socialists will receive from 151 to 159 places from 300 possible in parliament. The Conservative party "New Democracy" got 36,4 percent of votes and can apply for 99 places in parliament.


The following parties also pass into the parliament:


Communist party of Greece - from 7,3 % to 8,3 % of voices, 20-22 mandates.

National orthodox appeal (LA.O.S) - from 5,0 % to 6,0 % of voices, 14-16 mandates.

The union of radical left forces (SYRIZA) - from 3,9 % to 4,9 % of voices, 11-13 mandates.


In interrogation which was carried out by seven companies of research of public opinion by request of leading national television channels participated 12 thousand persons on 150 polling districts.

From editorial staff: Really left in the Greek parliament will have solidary more than half of voices - the question is how much solidary they turn out to be. And how much they will turn out to be consistently left.


PASOK is very moderate left-centrist party in its essence. It promises stimulating package for economy in 2-3 billion euro, scale investments into infrastructure, education and researches, revision of tax system towards increase in taxes from most well-to-do layer of the population.


Communists are permanently the third outman force in the parliament of Greece but their program sharply differs from moderately bourgeois program of PASOK and it is not known, whether they will come to an understanding, when there really will be possibility to divide something.

Coalition of radical left forces (SYRIZA) - Marxists, ecologists, radical social democrats. Supports increase in social guarantees and policy of democratic socialism. This parliamentary fraction can be close to PASOK but hardly it would have more than one and a half tens mandates, that is their contribution will be purely symbolical.

Thus there is a danger that in conditions of crisis moderate social democratic program of PASOK will appear inefficient and as a result left will appear discredited as inept regulators. To carry out radical socialist reforms PASOK will never dare - it's one more "contra-indication" for cooperation with Communist Party of Greece within the limits of the new government.

These are basics - in conditions of economic recession liberals appear the most effective by way of extremely unpopular measures organizing cutting off of the big share of population from "a budgetary pie" and carrying out of anti-recessionary actions at the expense of it. Then social democrats come and carry out redistribution in favour of the poor.

PASOK quite traditionally for the European left promises scale investments - but where one could get them in conditions of crisis? Taxes on rich in conditions of open society (and Greece is the EU country) lead to flight of capitals and it's impossible to "press" industrial sector much - on the contrary, it needs help in conditions of crisis. Transfer of production means to the worker is obviously not planned.

So one should treat expected victory of the left on the Greek elections with watchfulness - the victory is not in time...


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