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Open Appeal to the Activists of "Rodina"

Open Appeal to the Activists of "Rodina"
Andrey Saveljev 29.09.2006

Comrades and friends!

Our hopes for party "Rodina" never were the hopes for personal career, for opportunity to get deputy’s chair or to enter into the "elite" serving an oligarchical mode. We trusted that "Rodina" reflected expectations of the majority of citizens of Russia and our foreign compatriots. We trusted leaders of the party, their will and experience which should have led to power responsible, fair, professionally prepared patriots of Russia. Our aspirations and our plans caused furious resistance of circles controlled by oligarchy that used all means to destroy “Rodina”.

When persecutions on "Rodina" inspired by the Kremlin began, we were ready to resist in every way. But to resist to the authority that overstepped the law is not in powers of any party. We needed to keep the party and to prepare it for the future political fights. Therefore at congress we supported our leader Dmitry Rogozin who retreated into the shadow to rescue party. He stood in the gap. Then we handed over management to Alexander Babakov as to the leader who should not let “Rodina” drown in conditions of inevitable pause. Rogozin remained for all of us the true leader and Babakov – his close comrade fulfilling the function of organizer.  

Our hopes and our trust were crushed. Alexander Babakov renounced us. Everything that he made for party (it is necessary to be sincere – quite a lot) were crossed out. Secret character of the negotiations proves it. Only Babakov knows what he agreed on behind closed doors. He is going to keep in secret an essence of his agreement till the latest moment. For this reason procedure of forthcoming liquidation of party (under covering of association with other parties) remains to be unknown even to the president of the party, even for our deputies in Duma. On what organizational and ideological base association will be fulfilled, who the leader will be, how the management of regional branches will be put forward from the party on elections of a various level? There are no answers to these questions. It is a commercial secret necessary to Babakov so that to solve all questions individually including destiny of each deputy, each active worker of the party.

They want not only to liquidate our party having dispersed party active and having crushed our program installations reflected not only on paper but also in political action - mass actions, legislative initiatives, votings of our deputies. We are imposed the weak leader successful only in one: demonstrations of selfless fidelity to the president.

Whether it is necessary to say that no party under management of Sergey Mironov can win elections? The victory of such party can be only written down. If there are among us people ready to take from the Kremlin "administrative resource" and to deceive voters in the way it is being done by the party "Edinaya Russia"? The majority of activists of "Rodina" are not capable of such meanness.

Unfortunately, among those who till now we saw as Dmitry Rogozin's colleagues, among our regional leaders appeared to be very little of those who opposed the latest succession of events. Many preferred separate transactions with future leader S.Mironov or believed in guarantees of larger salaries in "the second party in power". This calculation is not only shameful but also unpromising. Whether the Kremlin will admit that the new party introduces into parliament independently thinking deputies? Whether in a row between regional leaders of three parties dividing domineering portfolios can be appear worthy figure inspiring trust to voters and party activists? Whether party activists who came not because of the salary and deputy mandates will agree to be under supervision of extraneous persons? Crash of "a party by the name of Mironov" is inevitable.

There is a question: what did we sacrifice Dmitry Rogozin’s resignation for? What did we agree to displace our leader for if the party all the same goes under knife? Whether it was not better to battle up to the end – even to the tragical one? If we know the price of Dmitry Rogozin's unprecedented step, we should see that exactly that step gave to the party a chance to continue existence and to wait hard times. We have for this purpose all the reasons and are not obliged to kill the party with our own hands only because it’s profitable to the present president of the party.

We should prove to ourselves that we can be capable party even after leaving of our leader from all official positions. We already became ideologically rallied party, a collective of adherents which will not change a course only because the authority compelled the leader to go underground. Whether we can admit that after that the party will become a toy in hands of businessman from policy? Whether we are ready to agree that everybody begins to cease to respect us and we ourselves are burning with shame – because of the things that happen to our party today. Whether we want to become a victim that has been demanded by the Kremlin in exchange to some deputative mandates for people who think themselves to be not bound by moral obligations with us?

We do not have other tools of counteraction to destruction of the party, except for our own will to resistance. We can not admit election by the delegates of the Congress planned for the 28th of October, 2006 of those who is going to bury it and vote for its association with forces alien to us. It is necessary to struggle up to the end so that our representatives vote against destructive plans on the Congress.

A.N.Saveljev, Deputy of the State Duma, faction “Rodina”, member of presidium of “Rodina”
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