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It Was Decided To Fight Against Georgia on the Territory of the Russian Federation. It's Safer

It Was Decided To Fight Against Georgia on the Territory of the Russian Federation. It's Safer

The Russian authorities decided not to fight with Georgia– it’s economically impracticable. Meanwhile there is an opportunity using force and a chance to grasp the Georgian property in Russia. So, law enforcement bodies led operation in a building of the "Guest house "Tbilisi" in Skaterny Pereulok in the center of Moscow, on the heels of the Georgian embassy.

As the representative of press-service of department on struggle against organized crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Innokenty Nefedov told on October, 3rd to journalists, the purpose of action is returning of legal owners back into their building. According to the decision of central administrative board of federal constitutional service of Moscowfrom September, 11th the federal state unitary enterprise under the name "Melody" is a true proprietor of the building.

Well-known Moscowgambling house "Crystal" appeared in sight of the department of economic safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The management of "Crystal" is - entirely dummy persons with crystal bygones and Russian citizenship and behind these dummies are the real owners - the Georgian criminal authorities. It “wasn’t know” before and now "was found out" suddenly.

Law enforcement bodies established also the personality of influential "made man" who came from Georgiaaiming to check work of compatriots.

Also in one of subsidiary premises employees of the Department of Economic Security found out a stock of black caviar - approximately 200 cans. Moscow Agricultural Control joined up to investigation gave its consent to excitation of criminal case on the fact of poaching – how can employees of the gambling institution being one and a half thousand kilometers from places of spawning sturgeon be engaged in poaching? In short, Georgians...

So, the command “Go!” was done in connection to the Georgian property.

At the same time Russia introduced into Security Council of UN a draft of resolution concerning Georgia in which it is offered "to call urgently" Tbilisi to disengage armies from Kodorskoe gorge.

In the draft of resolution there is the requirement to the Georgian party about full performance of the international obligations, in particular, about respect for the mandate of peace-making forces of the CIS. Besides Russiacalls Georgiato reject plans of accommodation of "the government of autonomous republic Abkhazia" in Kodorskoe gorge. In the document Russiaasks Security Council of the United Nations to confirm the important role of peacemakers of the CIS and to condemn the actions of the Georgian party directed against them.
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