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Ramzan Kadyrov Is 30. Now He Can Legally Become the President of the Chechen Republic

Ramzan Kadyrov Is 30. Now He Can Legally Become the President of the Chechen Republic
Saidov Ruslan 05.10.2006

Today, on October, 5th the prime minister of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has his 30th birthday. Once again I sincerely congratulate Ramzan Ahmatovich Kadyrov on this significant anniversary. As it is known, according to the Constitution of the Chechen Republic, starting from this day Ramzan Kadyrov can become the president.

I, as well as many other people in the Chechen Republic and on all over the Caucasus count that it will occur in the shortest terms. Even in spite of the fact that Ramzan declared that he doesn’t have presidential ambitions yet: "I have already decided that it’s too early for me to become the president. Besides even at all my desire I cannot make it. We have selected president of the republic and it’s too early to talk about me as about the candidate on this post till the end of his term of office (the end of September, 2008).

"Thousand inhabitants of the Chechen Republic are missing, hundreds sit in colonies for the crimes they haven’t execute. People wait for the settlement of these problems. And the president is obliged to solve these problems", - Ramzan added. "I am melted most of all when representatives of well known and respectable editions with clever appearances ask a question, whether I am going to stand on a post of the president on the next elections. They do not find time to have a look in a law in force which defines the order of election of the heads of regions",- Kadyrov stressed. He noticed that he didn’t have plans for the future.

"We work days and nights. Demanding that the members of the government worked in the same manner. Earlier they spent the whole days at sessions. The chapter of administrations came to Groznyy on Monday and sometimes left it at the end of the week. Now they do not know neither dream nor rest", - the prime-minister told.

Answering the question about the relations between him and president Allu Alhanov Kadyrov said: "We have such relations that can exist between the chairman of the government and the president. They are not tense. Whether they can every time be serene? No. But we do not have any claims of personal character to each other".

The chapter of regions next to the Chechen Republic, heads of subjects of Southern federal district and also stars of the Russian stage among whom are Phillip Kirkorov, Sofia Rotaru, Soso Pavliashvilly arrived today to congratulate Ramzan Kadyrov on happy birthday. His friends presented Ramzan "Ferrari" with number K 030 RA - the initials and age of the hero of the day. Opening of the main gate of Groznyy - arches in east part of city is timed to the birthday of the prime-minister. It represents a massive construction with stylized ancient towels on both sides of the road. Sporting events in schools are planned on this day.

Festive actions pass also on territory of the airport "Northern" where builders executed great volume of works putting in operation air harbour of the Chechen Republic. It is planned to rename it into airport "Groznyy".

Making a television appearance Ramzan Kadyrov touched upon the sore problem of amnesty. He declared that more scaled amnesty is necessary in republic: "I am assured of necessity to prepare more scaled amnesty. It is necessary to reconsider criminal cases on which inhabitants of the Chechen Republic earlier are condemned in the Chechen Republic itself and in other regions of the country. There are a lot of cases of inadequate processing in a case. There are a lot of innocent people in colonies”.   

Thus Kadyrov opposed against "withdrawal from punishment of those who deliberately made acts of terrorism, kidnapped with the purpose of reception of money, shot innocent people, employees of militia and clerics in front of women and children". "They should live their lives in a stone bag", - Kadyrov emphasized.

Ramzan also informed that after July’s reference of the chapter of National Antiterrorist Committee to insurgents on Northern Caucasus approximately 250 people addressed law enforcement bodies. "Some people think that thousand people should stand in line to militia. I repeat once again that there is no such contingent in mountains”.

Among those who come to militia and special services there are also people who left Illegal Armed Formations 3-5 years ago. Amnesty gives them a chance to tear finally with the past not only actually but also legally. Now they do not have to hide at each rustle. They get a job, they can be among people. It is very important", - Kadyrov assured journalists.

During performance on the eve on TV Ramzan was asked a question concerning the destiny of Docku Umarov. Kadyrov informed that, on his belief, this terrorist would hardly capitulate: "There is Umarov and several people from his environment. Will they come to militia? I do not think. They have chosen their destiny by themselves. Nobody imposed anything".

As it is known, someone in Moscow is still incited against Ramzan, he is engaged in intrigues aiming to prevent him from restoration of republic. However, Ramzan is a person who brought peace to Caucasus, today he is the only figure of the head of the Chechen Republic adequate to a today's situation. On this occasion writer Julia Latynina on pages of "Ъ" told so:

"Guerrillas can’t be won in modern war. If your army behaves in a civilized way, new guerrillas are generated by their weakness; if the army behaves with brutality, new enemies are generated with their atrocities. If the army is insignificant, it cannot find the guerrillas; if it is great, it becomes a convenient target. Ramzan Kadyrov is - a unique way to win guerrilla war. "The Chechen can be won only by the Chechen", - the deceased Ahmat-hadzhi used to say.

There’s no alternative to Kadyrov. The Chechen Republic and the Kremlin are in bloody symbiosis any part of this symbiosis loses a lot in case of the conflict. It’s a lie that Kadyrov can be dismissed. Ramzana Kadyrov cannot be dismissed from a post under the name of Ramzan Kadyrov. It’s a lie that the Kremlin wishes to get rid from Kadyrov – that are rumours distributed mostly by those who will be thrown out from the Chechen Republic by virtue of personal conflicts with Kadyrov. They hope that the Kremlin will return them to the Chechen Republic back on federal tanks. Why?

If Kadyrov is bad or good but it’s true that those whom he thrown away are not better. There are two different Kadyrov. One - who was the chapter of Abramov. That one made merry in restaurants and opened in Gudermes an aquapark with Ksusha Sobchak. Another one - who became the prime-minister. This new Kadyrov has repaired Argun and Gudermes, builds Groznyy and distributes money not only in restaurants but also to the poor men expecting him on the steps of the club "Ramzan". Old Kadyrov got high form driving all over destroyed Groznyy on "Hammers", new one – from arriving incognito to building area on “VAZ”.

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