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Absence of One More Head Was Found out in the "Gongadze Case"

Absence of One More Head Was Found out in the "Gongadze Case"
Baranov Anatoly 12.10.2006

Only a lazy one didn’t express his opinion on the murder of Anna Politkovskaya: George Bush, chairman of OSCE and a lot of politicians – both local and foreign, not speaking about other, less important. Only Putin – the president of the RF kept silent.  He was silent in a way only the Russians can be silent, but even not all of them – only the Russian radio operators and deaf and dumb. Suspicions started to creep in that Putin was not simply reported neither about the murder, nor who Politkovskaya was. But at last, he spoke. It is possible even to say – coughed up...

Making public speech on Tuesday at joint press conference with the federal chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel in Dresden he noted: "This murder caused Russia a greater loss than Anna Politkovskaya's publications", having noticed that influence of Politkovskaya on political life was extremely insignificant.

Especially touchingly performance of the president of Russia looked on a day of funeral of the journalist whose influence was so "insignificant" that after her murder even Ramzan Kadyrov made special application, not talking about other, less significant figures like mentioned above Angel Merkel. Delicacy and true Petersburg’s grace of the president was noticed by practically all publicity.

Showing perfect taste and full command of word Putin said: "This murder of a person, the woman, mother is directed against our country, against ruling authority in Russia in the whole and in the Chechen republic where this journalist worked".

The president showed both remarkable depth and breadth of thought having noted that those who stood up for murder of the journalist wished to do harm to Russia. "We have a trustworthy information that some people avoiding the Russian justice have been bearing for a long time an idea to sacrifice someone to create a wave of the antiRussian moods in the world and to do harm Russia", – Putin declared on a forum "Petersburg’s Dialogue" in Dresden.

One at once recollects Vladimir Visotsky:

Recently their son

Has fallen with the head at our door

Having broken - purposely! - my vase,

And I put mummy account, in the threefold size.

Surely Anna Politkovskaya did harm to Russia having let herself to die on birthday of nation widely elected president. No wonder that the president took offence. That’s the reason of his silence.

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