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"Orange" Ministers Intend to Cut out

"Orange" Ministers Intend to Cut out

Ministers of "Our Ukraine" will write official applications for resignation in the beginning of next sessional week. Such decision has been reached on their meeting with the leader of fraction Roman Bessmertny. This data was given to the journalists by the head of information department "NU" Tatyana Mokridi. During the meeting with governors president Victor Jushchenko declared that ministers from "Our Ukraine" had nothing to do in the government which does not share priorities of “Universal” of national unity and ministers were going to fulfill literally the instruction of the president. Though may be it’s just a blackmailing.

Mokridi noted that on the meetings with ministers the only question was discussed - their resignation in connection with transition of "Our Ukraine" into opposition.

- The team that represents "Our Ukraine" decided to write the application concerning abdication. Officially this procedure can take place in the first days of sessional week, - Mokridi informed having confirmed that such applications really exist.

According to the Ukrainian branch of "Kommersant", this question was discussed at session of presidium of the National union "Our Ukraine" (NSU) during which party leadership accepted categorical decision - the ministers leave Ministry or the party will officially declare that it does not bear any responsibility for their actions. However, as the newspaper marks, "during yesterday's session of the government none of ministers representing "Our Ukraine" has not submitted to resignation. Thus Home Secretary Yury Lutsenko who was appointed by the president and the prime-minister didn’t come to the session at all”.  

Victor Janukovich doesn’t make comments on the situation at all and behaves as if nothing occurs. Though leaving of representatives of NU into opposition will lead to a split of an executive vertical of authority in two parts - presidential and governmental. Actually it has been already occurring: on October, 3rd under the decree of the president the new structure of secretary of the president which has become actually a counterbalance to the government was introduced. Creation of Public Advice at president (instead of Institute of freelance councilors) testifies the strengthening of presidential authority as well as an appointment of Vitaly Gayduk to the post of Secretary of National Security and Defence Council of the Ukraine(one more structure destined to become “antiMinistry”).

Deputies of "Party of Regions" also treat initiatives of the president and his party with soft irony. They don’t do any sharp applications but speak in a lobby that "it will work out”. Really, "intention for the rouble and impact for a coin" is quite in a style of modern Ukrainian policy. But attempt of the president, probably, for the last time to crush under himself Ministry deserves, apparently, more steadfast attention...

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