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Skinhead Patriotism

Skinhead Patriotism
Ilya Alexandrov 18.10.2006

In my Native land, Soviet Union, not only sex was absent. Nationalism also was absent there. No, not that nationalism like "hey, sheeny muzzles!" and other household squabbles didn’t exist. But for some clear reasons there were no far right organizations, as well as any other that differ from light ideas of pioneer and communism ideology.

The ground for nationalism in the international Soviet state was plentifully fertilized by Gorbachev’s reorganization. It, by the way, is the first disturbing call - as it is known, nothing good went out of the activity of the rural idiot uncle Misha.

But the Union was collapsing already under quite nationalist slogans. It concerns not only Russia (" … that’ll do with skibbies!") but also Kazakhstan, Georgia and some other republics whose first presidents pushed national slogans in their programs not being over-modest and not regretting.

Damn them - former fellow citizens, it’s their private affair, we ourselves have as many difficulties as dollars in stabilization fund. And in Russia in the beginning of 90-th high-grade, inhaling air a full breast, absolutely legal and popular - nationalism arises.

It has been just born and makes the first, clumsy steps. Well, yes, I am talking about Vasiljev’s society "Memory" (only memory remained after it), about great and awful Barkashov.

Then Sevastyanov with National Democratic Party of Russia will appear, Ivanov-Suharevsky with… People’s National party as his team is called, is it not so? Ah, I forgot Nikolay Lysenko and in fact this gaffer even managed to stay in the Duma.

Whether it is possible to consider these people as fathers of Russian nationalism? Here the matter is as in that anecdotical question: if it is possible to sleep with the open window leaf? - It is possible if there’s no one else. We have just the same situation, when there’s no one. It is a great pity for Russian nationalism was less lucky with fathers than Russian democracy.

The matter is that there was everything for development of far right movement in the country. Ruin of the Union and together with it contempt for all «soviet», mood in a society (perhaps, we characterize them as «Weimar syndrome»), social base. All these covered the road to cabinets of the big policy. It was necessary only to pick up a suit for the campaign. And all these Barkashovs, Ivanovs, Suharevskys and other appeared to be very bad image makers. I even would say – damned bad. Because they chose the most non-Russian type for Russian nationalism. Those clever men were not able even to think up anything new, they simply gave Russia skins. Those ones that are from London of the 70-s' (in 60-s' skinheads were not nazis). Skinhead - even a word is not Russian! Skin a head. Flight jackets, these «bombers», «grinders» … And - a fascist aesthetics. I never shall forgive Barkashov that he made a hitlerite swastika a symbol of Russian nationalism.

And it’s necessary to correspond to the type. And boys in bombers corresponded to it. Destruction of markets, beatings, murders of "persons of the Caucasian nationality”…

This is the main, self-destructive mistake of fathers of nationalism in Russia. They made it «skinhead». Inadequate, frightening and - absolutely non-Russian.

Recently I saw a picture in the Petersburg underground. Drunken skin stood on the escalator periodically throwing out a hand in the Roman greeting and shouting: «Sieg heil!». There was also something about construction and white paradise, I remembered it badly. And so, this drunken skin is Russian nationalism. A bully, not aesthetic. And a crowd jumping aside from him represents population of Russia which never will accept a cry «sieg heil!»

I spoke about the birth of Russian nationalism. But looking at it now, in 2006 I do not see changes. Here they are: swastikas and «sieg heils» of the Slavic Union. Here you are comrades from RNU, RND and others (oh, God, how numerous they are!)... Suharevsky and Sevastyanov still live and are in good health not having made progress during more than ten years. Fighters from RNU have recently decorated with swastikas the Jewish cemetery. Everything’s on their places.

The only result is the appearance of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration but it differs from others only in number and that it acts (at least, officially) from positions of sensible right organizations and not nazi parties. But MAII reminds me very much the Kremlin project and no other tasks except for the struggle with illegals Belov and Co do not put before themselves.

It is one more trouble. Nationalism for the sake of nationalism, with full absence of other political components. Therefore ideology of modern Russian nationalism is - poor, defective ideology. The bomb of nationalism in Russia can detonate only in combination to the other, for example, the left movement, it is not effective by itself.

Fighters for "the light Aryan future" do not understand Russian nation, their marginal parties are sects. Closed and foreign. Periodic beatings of the Caucasians, turning of shops with kebabs and even murders of foreigners won’t change anything. Even the stream of illegals will not be reduced. Not at all. Nationalist movements give open space for actions for young attackers but people they take care for rush aside from them.

So what do you, valiant sofa theorist, offer? - angry "patriot" will ask me. I shall really dare to offer. The nationalism in Russia should be pulled out from underground. It is necessary to shoe it, to warm and to grow its hair. Or at least to use a wig.

There’s a need in real, legal party with sensible leader (not with Sevastyanovs!). The party which will participate in elections and have success on them.

Good example gives "Rodina" of times of presidency of Rogozin. The left nationalism which so frightened authority. Not for nothing the Kremlin hasty suppressed "Rodina" almost in all regions and changed Rogozin for smiling and malicious pseudo-oppositionist Babakov. Well and Dmitry Olegovich instead of struggle bent a head and voluntary allowed to destroy himself. At least, for the certain time.

I do not know who can lift the fallen banner of nationalism (and there is no Keltic cross on it). In the 90th it could have been Limonov. But against his speaks not quite Russian and not nationalist book about love of poets with Negros, besides he cast away the right ideology, in vain he did it.

Kuryanovich crew shouldn’t be offered, this is a continuation of an old dull performance which has already got all. Krylovs and different Holmogorovs - is not serious. In general, I leave a question open.

And one more important note. The ideology of the left (red) nationalism is a unique advantageous way for opposition. For ideas of socialism and nationalism are clear and lovely to simple people. Simple people does not like oligarches and "gooks" in the markets. They will come to the party officially expressing its consent on these positions with people intuitively. It’s not an intricate "superstitious democracy" which is not possible to understand without Surkov. Eventually, the mix of nationalism and socialism became basis of NBP – the only one that is not puppet, created from below, popular among the youth.

Liberalism, left and even fine symbiosis of "Other Russia" can’t frighten authorities. To tell you the truth, they are frequently ridiculous...

To rescue Russia (the announcement is loud, but we, enemies of a mode, have the right to such announcements), the left nationalism is necessary. So that nationalism rescues itself, it needs to cease to be skinhead.  That is the point to start.
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