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It Turned Out that "Edinaya Russia" Didn't Care For Kondopoga

It Turned Out that "Edinaya Russia" Didn't Care For Kondopoga
Baranov Anatoly 20.10.2006

The State Duma failed to make a decision about the beginning of parliamentary investigation of events in the Karelian city Kondopoga. 146 members of parliament at necessary minimum of 226 voices voted for the initiative of 92 representatives of oppositional fractions and independent deputies, two spoke up against, there were no abstrainers. Other deputies didn’t participate in voting.

In the message to the speaker of chamber representatives of fractions of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, "Rodina", "Rodina" (National will – SUP of Russia) and also independent deputies explained necessity of carrying out of investigation as "mass and rough infringement of the rights and freedom of a man and a citizen" in Kondopoga.

Position of the propresidential Duma majority appeared to be very ticklish. On the one hand, the society demands public and clear investigation of all circumstances of Kondopoga’s incident and the State Office of Public Prosecutor cannot satisfy society by definition - public prosecutors can investigate all circumstances of criminal case but to give political estimations, certainly, is not their business. One can’t avoid political estimation here, that is what deputies-oppositionists write in their message. According to the authors of the message disorders became a result of "inadequate decision by authorities of republic Kareliya including decisions of local authorities of the city Kondopoga of social and economic problems of the region, unreasoned migratory and national policy as well as absence of the resolute actions directed on struggle against corruption and organized crime".

"Events that occurred should become a subject of special attention from the part of bodies of the government including the State Duma", - authors of the message insisted. That is that does not enter interests of the authority which interests are represented in the Duma by deputies from "Edinaya Russia". Essentially all completeness of responsibility for the events in Kondopoga lays on administration and a representative branch of authority. The first directly submits to the presidential vertical, the second - in its majority consists from “Edinaya Russia”.

But to vote openly against parliamentary investigation "party in power" hasn’t gone to – in this case it should explain the reason of being against. And there’s actually nothing to say. That is why "the best" decision was taken – to avoid taking decision at all.

"Party in power" has not wait not for long. The firm decision about transition from present "half-party" system to two-party one – "Edinaya Russia" and "actual left" with Party of Life at the top – was accepted in the Kremlin. Inconvenient questions can’t arise in parliament within such scheme, they could not be brought – in circumstances of having party voting the institute of independent deputies disappears in itself, "Rodina" joins the left wing of "party in power" and the authority will try not to let the communist get into the next Duma at all.

Essentially, if to think it over properly, the society has already received the answer to a question which it has wished to put before parliamentary investigation.

Now actions similar to the ones in Kondopoga become the only opportunity for society to reach up the authority somehow. The society on behalf of opposition loses its representative in powerful structures even shy, weak but with a right to vote. Now only a street will have the voice.

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