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Zyuganov Is - a Uniform Candidate from Opposition?

Zyuganov Is - a Uniform Candidate from Opposition?
Yury Fatenko 31.10.2006

Since times of formation of non-existent nowadays Committee 2008, I had to convince repeatedly the opponents of arrangement of accents in formation of authority in the country. "It is not important who will be the President of Russia, in particular in 2008", I insisted. It’s important in what system of coordinates he will carry out his powers. That in its turn is a prerogative of the Duma campaigns. Including the year 2007. Not so much of presidential one in 2008.

One of these days Gennady Zyuganov made public his intention to stand for a post of the President of Russia in 2008. After Michael Kasyanov, thus, he became the second applicant who publicly declared political ambitions. By the way, both candidate put themselves in opposition to the ruling authority. From the same number can be heard some voices about uniform candidate from National-Democratic, left-patriotic forces. But, unlike Kasyanov, who has real, not hypothetical opportunity to be put forward on the elections-2008 and quite great number of electors ready to vote for him already today.

Through a front line of struggle with presidential oprichnina can be seen applications from G. Kasparov, S.Glazyev and other participants not concordant with their destiny in Russia: "Uniform candidate!"

Meanwhile, the consent between them can be concluded both on denying of principles of arrangement of a mode of ruling authority and on designing of new principles of organization of the order in the country. Construction of authorities referring to, say, long-term prospect. And in this sense on mutually acceptable conditions Gennady Zyuganov's nominee could be considered as a compromise. Uniform from the whole opposition.

What are these conditions? What does this compromise consist in? A condition is one. It is - "nonparticipation", alongside with other forces: national-democratic, left-patriotic in the Duma campaign of 2007. More precisely, it is not so much refusal of participation. But on the contrary - active participation in the form of protest voting. Such is the disposition that is being offered. Position with a line of a watershed between ruling authority and arising one. Between "general, equal, direct elective franchise" and plutocracy.

Ultimative, at the same time, condition. A challenge to a crutch party in power. A challenge to Federal Assembly and the President. Own disagreements, disagreements between the left and the right, the communists and the democrats, the liberals and the patriots … we shall solve in Federal Assembly. Only we can solve them responsibly if we achieve formation of authority on principles of national representation, direct will of citizens. Equal for all and every, therefore originally fair condition.

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