Medvedev Met the Most Hated Man on a Planet

Medvedev Met the Most Hated Man on a Planet
Alexander Magidovich 09.11.2006

The first vice-premier Dmitry Medvedev met hairman of Board of Directors of the company Microsoft Bill Gates. Obviously, it was made to raise a rating of the future presidential candidate but image makers of the successor obviously made a mistake – there’s no person whom all programmers on a planet hate more than Bill Gates. Perhaps, the visit to vice-premiere of Usam bin Laden would not bring such harm to his image.

Bill Gates's visit to Russia – is already the third. For the first time the chapter of Microsoft visited the country in 1990 - and the country collapsed in a year. Then he came in 1997 - and there was a default in a year.

There will be parliamentary elections in a year after Bill Gates's present visit to Russia...

Chairman of Board of Directors of corporation Microsoft decided to take part in Russian national projects – it becomes fearful for national projects. Though, as another well-known American says, "there’s nothing to be afraid of after Russian bath”.

In Moscow the founder of Microsoft company made public speech on the seminar «Innovations and Informational Technologies» in which Dmitry Medvedev also took part.

"Microsoft will do all the best so that the software would be accessible to all schools. Today we produce tablet computers on which you can write on the screen with a pen. Within 5-10 years their cost will fall up to 200 dollars and then it would be cheaper to buy such computer than textbooks", - Bill Gates said. Obviously, he wasn’t explained that for the majority of the Russian schoolboys 200 dollars - is too great money to be spend for textbooks.

But, certainly, everybody waited when the sore point - piracy, at last, will be mentioned. It was Dmitry Medvedev who spoke first about struggle with counterfact.

"We are also engaged in creation of strong guarantees of intellectual property right to eliminate administrative barriers and to introduce new mechanisms of struggle against piracy. Acceptance of the fourth part of the Civil code should settle finally these questions", - Medvedev declared.

That is the first vice-premier to make pleasant to the honoured guest promised that difficult times’ re coming for the majority of the Russian programmers – it was proposed to punish not only manufacturers but also owners of the equipment for the production of counterfact.

Well and news about future shutdown of a radio market in Tsaritsino in Moscow where one can find a lot of fakes – is also a hip. Whether Bill Gates's good wishes will or won’t come true while difficult times have already begun.

But if everybody cursed Bill Gates, today he acquired new Russian partner…

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