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Militia Day

Militia Day

Today Russia celebrates Militia Day. The holiday was approved during Soviet time as "Day of the Soviet Militia", however with abolition of the Soviet authority (at an active participation of former Soviet militia) the name of a holiday was reduced a little. That is clear as militia has remained, though during democratic time its employees have acquired a new name – cops - which has been considered to be offensive up to a victory of democracy. Today employees of militia name themselves in this way - cops are cops...

Already in 1715 Peter I created protection service of a public order in Russia and called it "police", that in translation from Greek means "government management". In 1917, right after revolution by the decision of the National commissariat of internal affairs of RSFSR "for protection of revolutionary public order" working militia was created. For the first time the militia was in charge of local Councils, then in structure of Narkomat of internal affairs and since 1946 in charge of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The work in militia was never especially respected among fellow citizens, however it was always and by everyone admitted as necessary and useful. Actually, among employees of militia there are a lot of people who are decent and knowing their work without whom the life in the country would simply become impossible.

The Soviet militia has become famous for a set of deeds - both during the war and during peace construction. And the cop Uncle Stepa became the most favourite hero in child's literature: "Who does not know uncle Stepa? Uncle Stepa is known to all... "

Last days successors of uncle Stepa have become famous for dispersals of peace celebratory demonstrations of fellow citizens on November, 4th and 7th – as militia is not Soviet than everything that reminds of the Soviet authority can be to equate to infringement of a public order.

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