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Outflow of Technologies from the West to China and Iran Occur without Russia Which All the Same Is Guilty

Outflow of Technologies from the West to China and Iran Occur without Russia Which All the Same Is Guilty

In the American newspaper "Washington Times" was published an article of Bill Gerts under the name "China Bought Secrets of A Bomber" which translation "Inopress" offers to the attention of readers below:

"China using espionage network on Hawaii got confidential technology used in engines of bomber B-2 Stealth. This outflow, according to authorities of the USA, will allow Pekin to copy or develop means of counteraction to the main weapon of the Pentagon in its new strategy against China.

Data about confidential defensive technology connected with an exhaust system of engine B-2 which cannot be found out by means of infra-red sensor controls was sold to the Chinese authorities by the former worker of defensive branch Noshir Govadija, the native of India. Public prosecutors of state of Hawaii charged him with federal crime.

Govadija actively rendered technical support to the Chinese weapon designers in development of a cruise missile with the system of an exhaust complicating detection by means of a radar - is said in recently published judicial documents.

Besides he helped the Chinese to modify a cruise missile so that it was capable to intercept the American rockets "air-air" and helped the Chinese experts to improve test and measuring equipment, the court informs.

The greatest part of the decision shown on November, 8th about bringing to responsibility as accused concerns the part where the engineer helped China in development of the exhaust jet chamber for cruise missile allowing it to remain imperceptible for radars.

Judicial documents also testify that Govadija in 2002 and 2004 sent to Israel, Germany and Switzerland electronic letters contained data from the documents under a signature stamp "confidentially" and "top secret". They were connected with defensive technology of the USA and intended for use in helicopter TH-98 Eurocopter and foreign commercial flying devices.

In one of the files which were found out Govadja’s computer who used to live on island Maui, Hawaii contained drawings of a longitudinal section of American planes B-1 and F-15 as well as cruise missiles started from the plane. This information could appear useful to counteraction to those systems by means of antiaircraft rockets or other means of air defence.

It is the second large case of theft of military technologies in which China is involved. Earlier this year two brothers of the Chinese origin were arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion in transfer of secrets to China connected with arms of the American fighting ships and submarines.

Govadija is accused in committing of all in all not less than six secret trips to China during the years from 2002 to 2005 and receiving of not less than 110 thousand dollars for the confidential defensive technologies sold in January, judicial documents inform. Inspectors believe that he has received up to 2 million dollars, the most part from which remains on accounts in foreign banks.

The first case of disclosure of the state secret became the lecture which Govardija read abroad, in which he revealed defensive secrets. Judicial documents inform that he offered confidential defensive information to eight countries.

For the first time charges were brought to Govardija in November, 2005 inconnection with transfer to a number of countries of the unstated information. According to new charges, Govardija continued activity on sale of confidential technologies in January, 2006.

Govardija had been working in the company Northrop Aircraft Inc. engaged in development and manufacture of bomber B-2 from 1968 till 1989. It was a part of the superconfidential program of the supreme degree of privacy. Then as employee of Northop he participated in confidential development of rockets and flying devices. Besides in 1990 he worked in National laboratory in Los Alamos.

He led confidential development of a method by means of which infra-red radiation of the engine is suppressed in military aircraft that does not allow rockets with thermal prompting to attack the plane.

The American officials familiar with this matter have informed that disclosure of this technology is extremely dangerous as it opens to China the major secret necessary for creation of a bomber.

One of the representatives of the Ministry of Defence has informed that the given incident shows the intension of the Chinese investigation to create systems of counteraction to the main defensive systems giving to the USA strategic advantage above the Chinese army. "B-2 – is on the top of the list of their intelligence service", - the official has declared.

Recently the Pentagon has finished scale reconstruction of base of bombers on island Guam in Pacific Ocean. It is a part of new strategy on accommodation of forces in Asia which should provide a fast victory over China in the possible conflict.

Bombers B-2 are regularly delivered to Guam for the short time within the limits of the strategy of the Pentagon named "protection" which provides readiness to reflect possible threat from China.

According to charges, Govadija who is living in a private residence on island Maui, has entered arrangement with two other persons - Tommi Wong and Henry Nio – aiming to sale technology specified.

In judicial documents Wong is named as the representative of the Chinese foreign expert bureau. He met two contactors in Chengdu, in China. The bureau is the center of "the research and development of the Chinese military aircraft and cruise missiles". Prosecution insists that during six visits to China Govadija was there "specially with the purpose to support (People’s Republic of China) in development, testing and analysis of the device of undistinguished exhaust chamber for cruise missiles of the People’s Republic of China.

In the former charge it was said that Govadija declared to the inspectors that he "disclosed secret information and materials both verbally and in written form, in the form of computer presentations, in letters and using other methods to separate people and foreign countries, realizing that the given information was confidential".

"I revealed secret information to show the technical awareness and to sell data in future, - he told. - I wished to help these countries in development of their systems of air defence. It should bring to me personally financial benefit". Govadija does not feel himself guilty. His son – Eshton Govadija declared to the newspaper Honolulu Star-Bulletin that charges against his father were forged. The court is appointed on July".

PS. Commenting an article in “Washington Times” political analyst Vladimir Filin noted:

- In 1970-80th years of the last century the USSR created effective system on purchase of military secrets and technologies in the West by-passing interdictions of COCOM - Co-ordinating Committee for Multilateral Strategic Export Control into the socialist countries including the countries of NATO (except for Iceland), Japan, Australia and six neutral countries of the Western Europe. The system included thousands companies abroad, billions dollars were spent for purchase of technologies of defensive and double purpose annually. As a result the Soviet Union got from the West everything that it wished.

In three years after disintegration of the USSR COCOM stopped its existence. Less effective Wassenaar Agreements covering both the states of the West and the former socialist countries and republics of the former USSR, including Russia and the Ukraine changed it.

In the meantime some developing countries first of all China, India, Pakistan and Iran but also Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iraq, Libya, Brazil, Argentina frequently cooperating with each other rushed in a pursuit of the advanced western and Soviet technologies. It is not surprising that they managed to bypass friable Wassenaar with not lesser efficiency than in due time the Soviet Union - COCOM.

However, in order to prevent scandals as well as from reasons of political correctness such facts extremely seldom were a subject of promulgation. But if it happened, Russia, the Ukraine and other CIS countries, as a rule, appeared to be guilty. The West always was considered to have nothing to do with it.

It is enough to name the charges sounding against Russia from the part of the USA and Israel in connection with construction of the atomic power station in Bushera. Ostensibly it will help Iran to create a nuclear bomb. Certainly, it’s far not so. But that is interesting is: in the past Israel during quite long time being guided by commercial reasons sold the newest electronics to China. Of course that electronics was applied by the Chinese in military industry. Moreover, experts from Iran which military program scarifies Tell-Aviv had unlimited access to all newest Israeli samples

Or a case with deliveries in 2000-20001 from the Ukraine to Iran and China, by the way, with the knowledge of not only Russia but also the USA samples of Soviet strategic cruise missiles X-55. There was so much antiRussian and antiUkrainian hysterics in mass-media around this case! They even agreed on “exposing” of an internal agency of a level of Minister of Defence of one of the countries and the chief of security service of the other country.

Now it is found out that not old samples but the newest technologies easily flow away from America to China at that without any Russian or Ukrainian trace. However, I shall not be surprised, if Russia and the Ukraine will appear guilty this time also.

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