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Journalists of the Kremlin Pool Played a Role of a Piss-Pot

Journalists of the Kremlin Pool Played a Role of a Piss-Pot
Baranov Anatoly 30.11.2006

On November, 28th before opening of the summit in a building of National Belarus library the correspondent of "Moscow Komsomol" Natalya Galimova as well as press photographers of "MK" and "Kommersant" Alexander Astafev and Dmitry Azarov were not allowed to enter the building. After that journalists of "the Kremlin pool" accompanying the president of Russiaon a trip to Minskleft a place of carrying out of the summit in solidarity with the colleagues who not admitted to the place of carrying out of action.

Here you are a demarche. Freedom-loving Russian journalists showed these, "totalitarian" ones as what meant to be arrogant.

That is it is possible to think that there is such free, fair Russian journalism where there is a professional solidarity and even professional pride. Especially in the newspaper "Moscow Komsomol" and in "the Kremlin pool" in particular.

I know how they can put the journalists from “the Kremlin pool” doggystyle not from "Messages of the Kremlin Digger". Outside man can seem that especially professional, heaven-god reporters can get into the Kremlin, governmental and other "pools". So, nothing’s similar. It’s something like recognition of a professional inconsistency expressed in more or less comprehensible form.

True reporter goes on hot spots and domestic remote places, searches about dark corners of cities and human souls, digs in gleet and shit of our life – it’s true, real work where something depends on you, sometimes even everything including your own life.

The journalist from a pool doesn’t differ from the footman who takes away his mater’s piss-pot. Meanwhile he is always in heat and well-fed. To wait that the gleams of lights of Its majesty will somehow be reflected in creativity of the footman who is taken away a pot - well it’s all the same as to ask him about the health of his master. The only thing he can pronounce is: "Master, make piss-piss!" Well and something about a consistence.

Modern domestic journalism which has not managed in time to escape into the Internet degraded almost boundless. But its officious part is Something in general. On a genre it’s not a composition, even not a summary – it’s mostly a dictation.

And now this public who, in addition, has accustomed itself to be proud of their toady position will make a demarche which is not coordinated twice and thrice with the press-service of Administration of the president. Moreover with 433 references to Yandex?

A new thing here is that in a role of a piss-pot the footman acts.

It is necessary only to understand what for Administrations of the president of Russiadecided to put the president of Belarusin inconvenient position. That is, clear, what for: if you are supposedly united with Ukraineagainst "Gazprom", and we then from the West on a totalitarian line do not protect you.

Остается понять, зачем Администрации президента России потребовалось ставить в неудобное положение президента Белоруссии. То есть, понятно, зачем: ты, мол, объединяешься с Украиной против «Газпрома», а мы тебя тогда от Запада по тоталитарной линии не защищаем.

However, an application of the head of the press-service of the president of Belarus Paul Legky who talked nonsence about "insults of the chapter of the Belarusstate and the regular insult of Belarus" is also a riddle. Taking into consideration that two from three who were not allowed to enter are - photographers, besides the best ones in Russia, as to Natalya Galimova, to tell you the truth, can’t be accused in writing something especially offensive. That is journalists from the "pool" can’t be in general accused in it, as soon as sharpness for them is a synonym of non-professionalism.

So, it looks not like political theatre but like non-artistical amateur performance.

One of the high-ranking employees of the Belarus state security whom I had an opportunity to consult about the incident, thought that both the head of the press-service and employees from security of Lukashenko were initiated whence from, while Alexander Grigorevich himself wasn’t informed in general about the strange activity of his press-service. That is atypical for Belarusand is absolutely impossible in Russia- in such situation vacancy in the press-service of the president and may be not one would be opened immediately.

If the initiative went somehow from the Russian party, then everything’s clear - Putin's press-service simply realized housemaid preparation with "indignation of professionals".

But it looks like Putin was not aware of "active action" of his press-service. That is, not that he was absolutely unaware, but still not so conscious.  

And it is a really nasty thing – whether a tail wags a dog or in this matter (by the way, that is an opinion my "Belarus" vis-a-vis) there is one more, external party, as in the murder of Politkovskaya and poisoning of Litvinenko. However, any way it looks as if the carrier of the Supreme authority does not supervise situation even around of his piss-pot.

 Well, what about "the nuclear button", in such hands?..
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