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Latest Emergency Landing of TU-154 - the Death Has Been Postponed Not for Long

Latest Emergency Landing of TU-154 - the Death Has Been Postponed Not for Long

On Tuesday in the evening at the airport of city Mirny a plane Tu-154 which flied from Moscow with 22 passengers and almost 9 tons of cargo onboard made emergency landing.

At 8.51 p.m. of local time (4.51 p.m. of Moscow time) the dispatcher of the airport "Yakutsk" sent the message that vibration of one of engines of the plane Tu-154 was noticed. "As a result the engine was muffled and the flight was continued on two remained", - RIA "News" reported in the press-service of central administrative board of the Emergency Situations Ministry in Yakutia. Cars of  Aviation Security Services and ambulances went to a place of planned emergency landing. At 9.27 p.m. (5.27 p.m. of Moscwo time) airliner executing flight №9959 safely landed in the airport of Mirny. According to “ITAR-TAAS”, there are no victims and injured.

It is already the third for last two weeks emergency landing of machines of the company “Tupolev", all three are connected with the breaks of engines. On November, 24th emergency landing was made by Tu-154 inRostov-on-Don. Tu-154 is the out-of-date plane which constructive lacks have been revealed long time ago and are ineradicable. In due time it was a modern and reliable plane but it is impossible to prolong infinitely its resource - sooner or later planes will be scattered in the air in spite of the fact that all their documents will be in order.

- A new (already rather new) medium-magistral plane Tu-334 has been developed long time ago, it’s waiting for a start of production, it has been planned to replace Tu-154 by the governmental order of the Russian Federation in 1999 year. The assembly shop on an aircraft factory in Lukhovitsyhas been built especially for its production, it costed to the budget approximately 25 million dollars, the documentation has been prepared for a long time, there are enough money in the budget, - the chief editor of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov informs. - But authorities prefer to wait when it will be necessary to take off all planes of this series from the line and to subdtitute them urgently for the seconf-hand Boeing and Airbus.

Vladimir Savin, the coordinator of the social movement "Anti-Boeing", the head of a department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on working and trade-union movement also considers that the production of the perspective Russian plane for the replacement of morally and physically outdated Tu-134 and Тu-154 is being delayed meaningly, that in one, far not fine moment air carriers will find before necessity to get second-hand "Boeing" - certainly, becoming outdated for exploitation in the USA and the Europe: "The Western companies will have an opportunity to earn more money by continuing of resources of their second-hand planes while Russia will finally lose its production base, more than milliion experts will lose their working places and the country will be in constant dependency on foreign aviation production,” – V.Savin thinks.

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