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Having Entered NATO the Ukraine Will Lose More than Acquire

Having Entered NATO the Ukraine Will Lose More than Acquire

"The matter is not that Russia treats the sovereign right of the Ukraine to choose the basic vectors of the policy in the field of safety coolly or warmly. It’s a matter for the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian elite to choose the form of the cooperation with these structures", - Ivanov said in Kiev.

"A different matter is that consequences of these steps will negatively affect interaction of two countries", - minister added.

According to him “this step, no matter whether we want it or not, will influence our relations", "RIA News" informs.

At the same time Minister of Defence of the Ukraine Anatoly Gritsenko noted that still he’s still an active supporter of a rate of the introduction into NATO.

"I want to emphasize once again that I am the supporter of the introduction of the Ukraine in NATO. But even if I was not the supporter of such rate at all, than there are normative-legal documents which make me to realize the corresponding policy in the given question", - he said at press conference on Thursday in Kiev.

As FORUM.msk has already noticed that when the Ukrainian management motivates necessity of the introduction in NATO by safety, a question appears - whom NATO should protect the Ukraine from?

- There are only 2 countries which have common borders with the Ukraine and which are not and will not be in the nearest foreseeable future members of NATO, they are - Russia and Belarus, - the chief editor of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - Whether it means that the Ukraine sees military threat from this part? All actions of the Ukrainian management of last years, in particular in connection with the base of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol, confirm that it’s so. But there are no formal or informal occasions to talk about military threat from the part of Russia – therefore, a conclusion suggests itself that having entered NATO the Ukraine wants to become an agresor having realized its secret plans in connection with either Russia or ptoRussian population in the East or South of the country. Actions of the Ukraine in a language question and a number of other sharp internal contradictions prompt that among a part of the Ukrainian elite the plan of "Baltic scenario" in relation to a Russian-speaking community is being ripening - that is for preservation of political prevalence of "orange" it is required to deprive a part of the population of the country of suffrages. It will be difficult to do without support of NATO as well as it was in Baltics.

"It’s funny, - Baranov considers, - but membership in NATO and EU does not guarantee at all against the threat of aggression from other countries of NATO. It is enough to look at an example of mutual relations between Turkey and Greece, Turkey and Chyprus. Territorial claims to the Ukraine from Turkey, by the way, are absolutely lawful from a position of peaceful Kucuk-Kajnardzijsky peace treaty, will inevitably arise in connection with Crimea. Today the Russian fleet in Sevastopol is the only bstacle for Turkey, including formal-juridical. As soon as Russia leaves Crimea claims of Turkey become juridically indisputable. Though from the point of view of elective technology the lost of Crimea will mean for Kiev reduction of approximately one and a half million of proRussian electors”.

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