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Yushchenko Is Afraid to Introduce a Mode of State of Emergency

Yushchenko Is Afraid to Introduce a Mode of State of Emergency

On Friday Yushchenko's colleagues made statements about possibility to introduce a mode of state of emergency in the country. Deputy head of President's Secretariat Igor Popov also assumed that elections of the head of the state can be postponed from January, 17th to May, 30th, 2010, RUpor.info transfers.

"If the government will not manage to take situation with flu epidemic under control, introduction of state of emergency in the country and postponing of elections till May, 30th is not excluded", - Igor Popov said. He explained that epidemic discriminates both candidates who have no possibility to carry out normal election campaign and the voters majority of whom have nothing to do with elections.

Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Raisa Bogatyryova suggested not to politize the question having noticed that the country where the quantity of the diseased comes nearer to one million persons and the number of died because of a flu grows every day and has already reached one and a half hundred persons de facto is in the mode of state of emergency. She considers that pre-election race generating political confrontation prevents authorities to make effective decisions in struggle against epidemic. "To rescue people, probably, state of emergency is necessary. There are constitutional bases", - Bogatyryov declared.

Political scientist Vadim Karasev close to presidential camp specified that introduction of the mode of state of emergency demands modifications of the course of election campaign. In his opinion it is only the question of formality, after all pre-election race has been already stopped: "Preparation for elections is not only advertising on TV. It is mobilization of electorate, meetings with voters. While what meetings can be organized during quarantine?"

The source close to presidential secretary informed that in past week-end all documents necessary for official introduction of state of emergency were prepared: "Now everything depends on Yushchenko". Though under the law the Supreme Rada should confirm presidential decree, the source assured the newspaper that presidential party managed to get opposition support.

However, a bit later the secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Raisa Bogatyryova declared that president Yushchenko does not intend to discuss the question on introduction of state of emergency in the country.

"Commission didn't consider the bases of introduction or non-introduction of state of emergency... The President did not say anything and has no intentions to discuss this question", - Bogatyryova said at briefing on Monday in Kiev. Yushchenko considers that there are no bases to enter state of emergency in connection with flu epidemic and ARVI in Ukraine.

- They want but are afraid - that is the way position of Bankovaya Street is possible to describe in relation to the mode of state of emergency and postponing of elections, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - Of course it's impossible to make revolution with such moods. Actually in Ukraine there's today no experts in revolutions - they would stay there without work, gather bottles suffering from hunger. The only real man among country leaders, as you know, is Timoshenko but she is against the mode of state of emergency, as she count to win elections - the lay of things in her advantage. It is boring but boring - not always bad. Though Julia Vladimirovna will be cheerful president, there will be all-year holiday on Bankovaya Street...
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