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Chain Reaction of Confessions of Militiamen on YouTube Started

Chain Reaction of Confessions of Militiamen on YouTube Started

Sergeant major of Moscow militia Vadim Smirnov on November, 11th published video reference to the chief of the capital Municipal Department of STSI Vladimir Kolokoltsev. Smirnov asserts that he was dismissed from militia in February, 2009 because of hostility of management: because he entered independent Trade Union of police officers of Moscow.


According to the former militiaman, he was dismissed in spite of the fact that he had no summary punishment for the whole period of work since 2002. Having learnt that Smirnov entered trade union, assistant to the commander of the unit Road Patrol Service of STSI of the Central Administrative District of Moscow Dmitry Varfolomeev told him the following: "You will not work here in any way. We also won't let you to get transferred out. We will dismiss you under the clause so that you won't get restored". Recording of the conversation of Smirnov with Varfolomeev is also placed on YouTube.

According to Smirnov, management of the Road Patrol Service of the Central Administrative District established "administrative plan" for each employee. So, for example, each inspector of the road patrol service for a change should draw up not less than 10 reports on administrative offences and document several road accidents. If he had not time to do it, he should "stay after the work and complete what he failed to do during the change".

As a result of it, Smirnov said, inspector was compelled to work 60-70 hours weekly instead of necessary 40 hours, thus overtime was not paid and no compensatory holidays were given for it. According to the militiaman, such is the situation not only in the Central Administrative District but also in other districts of Moscow.

Practically simultaneously with publication of Smirnov's video reference on YouTube one more video - reference of the former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Komi Mihail Evseev to the president Dmitry Medvedev - appeared. As he said, in November 2008 he left law-enforcement bodies because he "got tired to struggle with lawlessness of our management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs".

According to Evseev, he repeatedly addressed the management specifying designer and forged criminal cases. In particular, together with former assistant to the public prosecutor of the city of Ukhta Grigory Tchekalin he tried to achieve the second trial of a case about fire in the shopping centre "Passage" in Ukhta as a result of which 25 persons died. In July, 2009 the Supreme Court of Komi sentenced Anton Korostelev and Alexey Pulyalin accused of arson of the centre to life imprisonment.

Evseev asserts that he has proofs of innocence of the condemned for arson. As he said, together with Tchekalin he directed inquiries and letters with those proofs to the Office of Public Prosecutor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and enforcement authorities, however, no reaction followed. In this connection Evseev addressed the president with the request to check up situation and answer, why nobody paid attention to those statements.

Evseev and Tchekalin acting as the witness at a process declared earlier the facts of falsification of the case on the arson of "Passage" and in the end of October 2009 authorities of the republic Komi declared that criminal case will be brought against Tchekalin for false testimonies.

There are reaction from the part of law enforcement bodies while to Vadim Smirnov and Michael Evseev's statements.

Video reference of major Alexey Dymovsky who complained to Vladimir Putin of corruption and infringements in law enforcement bodies of Novorossisk appeared in the Internet on November, 5th. Having checked up the data stated in the reference, management of Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Krasnodar territory dismissed Dymovsky for slander, however, special commission of the ministry should carry out own check at the direction of Rashid Nurgaliev.

Dymovsky after video publication arrived to Moscow, already held press conference and gave interview to radio station "Echo of Moscow". Legal experts who promised to carry out actions in support of the major in different cities of Russia acted in Dymovsky's protection against whom management intends to bring criminal case on charge in slander. Readiness to protect the major from prosecution and sanctions was expressed also by Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

From editorial board: As one would expect, many decent people still work in militia. And it is possible that, despite of negative personnel selection, they make the majority. There's no doubt that some part of these decent people possesses enviable civic courage - the system is severe and brutal and these people seriously risk.


On the meeting of revolutionary communists on November, 7th one of the spokesman addressed militiamen surrounding the area - do not go against people. What can seem unexpected, these words turned out to be said not in vain. It happened so that the majority of people - normal and they want to do something good, sooner or later this decent majority no matter how long you will treat it like dirt will stand for truth. Even if it should quarrel with bread and butter, the bastards, of course, will not understand it.


All this install unexpected optimism. Perhaps, we haven's become "down-at-heel country" yet. Though, on the other hand, we are very alike...

System treated major Dymovsky sharply and it should answer something distinct to society. It is not excluded that it should tell clearly and directly to the society - the System works AGAINST society and all should shut up! It is impossible to write-off such case. Then the only way out - civil war. Or civil peace under condition of death of the society.

It resembles chain reaction with other militiamen who decided to act publicly.

While some still doubt that if not everything, at least just a part told by those people in epaulets - truth?!

Here you are... Nobody doubts.

That is the System should either recognise - yes, this all is true but the System serves not to the truth. Or to start to dismantle itself as it has rotted through and facts which militiamen admit are not exceptional, that's what the System is.

By the way, it turned out that such neofeudal order with mutual responsibility and other delights of caste-ridden society faced technical progress - progress is not feudal, the XXI-st century couldn't be cancelled even in Russia. Any who has something to tell against System has also such possibility and it's absolutely ineradicable - well, what will you do with video on YouTube? After all you can show in video not only testimony but also documents and other proofs. The wrong court after that can refuse to accept these proofs but tribunal of the society all the same will take place - everybody will see what's up.

You understand that even if from hundreds thousand employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs only 1% will want to  do the same ting as Dymovsky, Smirnov and Evseev, moreover he will not be too lazy to show the proof to the words - that's all, legitimacy of the System can be sold for scrap. Further it will have only one argument - direct violence.

Then it will be the question - who is stronger?

Аnatoly Baranov 


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