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Underground Administers a Fatal Blow on Military Aviation

Underground Administers a Fatal Blow on Military Aviation

The first assistant of the Manager General of corporation "MiG" Sergey Tsivilev was charged in swindle in especially large size. This information is confirmed by the press-service of Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow. Tsivilev is incriminated an attempt of sale to Polandcounterfeit spare parts to the fighters MiG-29. According to the inquest in August, 2005 RAC MiG signed the contract with Polish Firm "Polit-electronic” for the delivery of new spare parts to Polish fighters MiG-29.

After that in September, 2005 the first assistant of the Manager General Sergey Tsivilev signed the contract with the General Manager of “Aviaremsnab”, Ltd Musail Ismailov according to which "Aviaremsnab" should deliver for corporation MiG flight director computers, blocks of gauges of linear accelerations and angular speeds and also some other blocks – all in all for the sum of 18 mln roubles ($637 thousand) – for further delivery to the Polish company. Criminal case on charge of Tsivilev and Manager General of "Aviaremsnab", Ltd Musail Ismailov is in manufacture of Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow underground.

Tsivilev and Musailov are accused according to p. 4 art. 159 of Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Swindle in especially large sizes in the part of the organized group") and p. 3 art. 327 of Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Forging of the documents"). Firstly investigation was conducted by special public prosecutor of Moscow which supervises objects of defensive value and then the case was transferred to the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow underground. On December, 8th staff car of Tsivilev was met near the gates of corporation “MiG” by employees of the Department of Internal Affairs of the underground armed by automatic devices.

They guided him to the Office of Public Prosecutor where he was officially indicted and was taken a recognizance not to leave. In corporation "MiG" the claim to Tsivilev is considered to be unreasonable and appearance of criminal case connect with personnel rearrangements in the company. As the head of the department on public relations of “MiG” Elena Fedorova explained, the present Manager General of corporation Alexey Fedorov who was few weeks ago presented to a post of the chapter of the Incorporated Aerobuilding corporation wished to see as his successor in "MiG" Tsivilev.

From editorial staff: Queernesses of this criminal case simply stick out outside, as bladebones of the 6th grade schoolgirl. Let’s start from the incriminated sum - 637 thousand dollars. To name this sum large for corporation which had been keeping for a long time the second place in the country according to the volume of weapon export, could only the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow Underground. The second queerness - why the case against a man who should become the head of the largest defensive corporation of the country in the near future is carried out by the Office of Public Prosecutor of underground? Why not the Chief military prosecutor’s office?  Does it mean that in our country an access to the completely secret information of the state importance has every transport prosecutor? Or we don’t have any secrets any longer?

All what is happening resembles much conscious and final defeat of once powerful corporation.

Certainly, it began not yesterday. Detailed history of liquidation RAC "MiG" will be written. However the behavior of the state in this case simply astonishes.

The head of RAC "MiG" one year ago was appointed Alexey Fedorov, director "Irkut". He had been just advanced, became the director of Incorporated Aerobuilding Corporation (IAC). Actually unification is carried out on the basis of RAC "MiG" - not incidentally legal address of the new company - Moscow, Ulansky Lane, 22, build. 1 - coincides with the main office of "MiG". Vice-premier of the Russian Federation - Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov is just selected the chairman of board of directors of Incorporated Aerobuilding Corporation (IAC). It seemed that the interest of the state is evident…

And here the enterprise was administered a blow from which it, perhaps, was possible incapable to recover. First of all, the general licence for all deliveries of armament and military technics abroad is exclusively transferred to "Rosoboronexport".

And what is then the reason of creation of IAC and where it will take money to live on?

It’s quite logical that having created IAC and having subordinated all aircraft construction to this head office to expect that all foreign trade will be concentrated there (as it used to be earlier on large defensive holdings and RAC "MiG" also). Now IAC appears to be simply a superfluous intermediary step between the direct manufacturer and the final dealer - "Rosoboronexport". One shouldn’t be the great expert to understand that "kick-backs" in such scheme will be increased while economic efficiency – decrease. And the main thing – IAC will never have enough money for providing of development of the branch.

Actually, this is the price of remarkable hurrah-patriotic applications of Minister of Defence, being at the same time the curator of Military-Industrial Complex.

The second thing - is the strongest impact on prestige of the trade mark of "MiG" abroad where the deliveries of firm accessories for earlier delivered on line of Armored Vehicle products make rather essential share of incomes of corporation (and not only of "MiG"). Now, it appears, Russian MIC “belts contra fact" and this discomfiture was revealed by... the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor.

Well and the third – the very arrest of Tsivilev carried out by not known whom and not clear for what reason – it’s already a blow "for wangling". If in Russia the transport Office of Public Prosecutor can so easily arrest superconfidential director at a checkpoint of superconfidential object, it means that both – the director and the object is so so. That is the state doesn’t care. Tomorrow the case on the next plundering of some hardware from warehouse of RAC "MiG" will be investigated by some Department of Internal Affairs of Semistrujsky Region, rural inspectors will begin to walk on earlier secret shops which used to be secret even for the ministers. At last an enterprise will become a capture of some provincial raiders.

By the way, in hangars of "MiG" one still can find a unique sample of a flying prototype of a fighter of the fifth generation. A hint: it is quite possible to confiscate it under decision of Semistrujsky court in maintenance of the claim – no matter from Polish firm or any other...

Baranov Anatoly

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