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Who Is Afraid of the Great October?

Who Is Afraid of the Great October?
Delyagin Michael 16.11.2009

Some events plunge into the past, as a photo in the powder: the more time passes, the more actual they become and the more deeper meaning they get.


Ridiculously that sometimes it refers also to, apparently, banal, killed by school drilling events of type of the Great October Socialist revolution.


It seems that everything is already known long time ago: it's not revolution but take-over as it was called by the organizers for almost ten first years; besides rather "socialist"; storm of the Winter Palace reminded more a joke about "«beer in the Winter Palace - hurrah...", than embodied in Eisenstein's pseudo-document... Struggle of Bolsheviks with white was a struggle of influences of Germany and Antanta, Lenin and the company (as I read on the Russian-speaking publicity board not somewhere but in the centre of London) as "plague bacilii"... "True follower comrade Zyuganov" could not invent any worse insult of the idea...

Why then as if crucified and crushed theme of revolution does not leave public consciousness?

Why the ruling bureaucracy is ready to appoint national holiday literally everything, everything, except November, 7-8th and the next days (original day of extrusion of Poles from the Kremlin - on November, 9th as it was repeatedly written) but the date close enough to them to distract, delay public opinion from become unacceptable a holiday «reconciliation and the consent»? Why the orgy of renamings started - while on the stations and defenseless dotation cities of Kirov types and so on? Why did TV under the pretext of diverse documentary unleash real second civil war against Bolshevism and its horrors?

Thus no malicious intention ruling bureaucracy doesn't have and cannot have at all. After all its mass intellectual and professional level is such that we can talk only about collective unconscious but not about concrete thought over combinations on transformation of public consciousness.

The reason of unsatiable, non-passing hatred to all Soviet, that is to own past breaking in the diversified actions - from charge of the country in all mortal sins to attempts of rehabilitation of various vlasovs and podrabineks - is much easier and at the same time deeper.

Ruling bureaucracy treats very sharply the Soviet Union as classical state which in own way, often ineptly and clumsily, last decades of its existence not simply inefficiently but even monstrously worthless - tried to follow the public blessing, tried, creating a society, to do serve to it.

The present state has been carefully grown up in our country last years moulded literally in the image and likeness of the little man and his petty cabinet has expressed postmodernist character: it does not owe to anybody and anything, it's no more than the tool of personal enrichment of the top-managers and it denies idea of the public blessing as absolutely hostile. It is clear that to recognise such character and such aiming of statehood is impossible even not officially, at least aloud, so one should chew lame propaganda gum of last epoch, telling to the population being processed if and not on soap, then on castles in Switzerland about efforts on his life improvement.

Against this state which doesn't correspond to own sad and poor propagation any slightest degree realistic memoirs about the Soviet Union is perceived as intolerably offensive reproach.

Moreover: these memoirs directly destroy myths introduced by ruling kleptocracy in public consciousness for personal enrichment.

Really: we are almost ready to recognise that there are no societies without unemployment - and suddenly recollect: well, why if we ourselves lived in such!

We are being explained that free qualitative public health services are impossible basically and we are already ready to agree but we touch a cavity from inoculation on the left shoulder made in the forgotten childhood - and bethink: we lived in such society!

We are being told about impossibility of mass free quality education - but generation which managed to get education "at damned Soviets" got such education - and even their children remember about it.

At last we are being told about incurability of corruption in Russia - but we remember that there was no corruption in the Soviet Russia in its today's understanding.

Simple common memory of our people by mere fact of its existence denies present lie and impudently triumphing avidity, deprives them of any possibility of self-justification and thus the right to existence.

It is natural that this memory is the main enemy of the ruling kleptocracy which is liable to destruction.

It is time to meet the eye of the truth: we do not have political opposition. Its place is occupied with simple human, common memory.

It's it that the ruling kleptocracy tries to belie, to discredit and finally to erase having transformed us into those who don't remember their traditions and history - because while population of our country remembers the past, it can return it having transformed from uncomplaining raw materials for personal enrichment of corrupted persons into people - a historical community of people who realized own interests and returned ability to protect them.

In this case there will be no place in our country for those who "allowed to say lies and steal and called it democracy and market".

For them it is a survival question.

For this reason they try to trample the past of our Native land in every way.

For this reason we cannot allow them to make it.

Yes: there were a lot of awful things in it.

The Soviet Union which began as negation of exploitation of person by person though very quickly came to exploitation of person by the state till last days of it existence consistently and effectively enough constrained private arbitrariness and private violence. Yes, - replacing them by the state one - but nevertheless system created by it was incomparably more humane, than modern western competitors wish and by the fact of its mere existence it compelled them to develop unproductive, for liberals even directly hated social sphere.

The Soviet Union was considerably more humane, softer state and society, than the western states of the time and the more so present "liberally-democratic" Russia.

To take possession of the future is necessary to take possession of history at first.

To win ruling kleptocracy in the fight for future it is necessary to defend at first own past.

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