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Gazprom Reminds Belorussia that the Year of Pig Is Coming

Gazprom Reminds Belorussia that the Year of Pig Is Coming

Switching-off of gas can follow, if Minsk will disagree to buy fuel at the price profitable to Moscow. It was declared by the official representative of a state company Sergey Kuprijanov. The current contract for the delivery of gas to Belarussia expires in 6 days and by experience of the last year's "gas war" with the Ukraine we know how it could end: Gazprom (vs Putin) will earn money for the next skyscraper and the next fraternal nation will start hating us.

Belarussia agrees to buy the Russian gas but at the price established for Smolensk area, that is a bit less than at 40 dollars for one thousand cubic meter. Negotiations on the prices for gas for Belarussia last for a long time, however, they fail to agree.

Representatives of the "neighbouring country" being only yesterday almost ours, didn’t agree on conditions of Gazprom to buy gas at approximately 200 dollars. A part of the sum, 80 dollars, Minsk was suggested to pay in money and a part by shares of the company "Beltransgaz". As a result, Gazprom planned to receive 50% of the Belarussian company.

This scheme of payment was discussed during the recent meeting by presidents of two countries - Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin. However, apparently, they failed to agree. For today, Belarussia has not accepted conditions of Gazprom and has returned to former conditions.

What will follow, in general, is known - terrible Miller on TV, torsion of the gate, different insults...

However, it is not quite clear: if the Ukraine will not want to overtake gas on its pipes and Belarussia also will not want, up to what degree the Russian Federation can be inflated by own gas till it burst?

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