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Russian-Belarusian Border Is Being Closed for a Free Transit

Russian-Belarusian Border Is Being Closed for a Free Transit
Alexander Magidovich 10.01.2007

Belarus is going to make the Russians entering the republic on personal cars obligatory registration of the certificate for temporary import of a vehicle. It became known on Monday from the head of the department of the organization of the customs control of the State customs committee of Belarus Sergey Borisjuk who acted on the Belarus state TV, ITAR-TASS informs.

According to the official, this step – is a reciprocal measure to answer similar actions from the Russian part. Introduction by Russia for Byelorussians of obligatory registration of temporary import of motor transport created great automobile lines on border between two countries. Besides, this procedure is unprofitable enough: automobile owners should pay 9 dollars.

They also notice in Belarus that already in summer of the last year there was an agreement reached between the heads of the governments of two countries about cancelling for Byelorussians procedure entered in Russia of obligatory registration of temporary import of motor transport. However, this agreement hasn’t been realized yet.

Similar system has been existing already for several years on border between Russia and Ukraine that creates there huge senseless turns - drivers fill in different papers, as well as frontier guards and customs officers, the papers are never checked by anybody later. But lines of cars and people and irritation on the border are already constant phenomenon. On average owing to the bumf to pass border in 1 hour is considered to be great luck. It is possible to waste there 2 and even 3 hours and in summer, at the middle of a resort season the drivers happen to spend nights there.

The Russian-Belarus border was the only place where the Russian driver did not waste time on senseless expectation and registration of useless papers. And now even this window into normal life is being closed and only due to the "diligence" of the Russian authorities. And the reason is quite transparent: someone from the holders of prices on the automobile market of the Russian Federation just "has got interested" corresponding structures for protection of high prices in the internal Russian automobile market. That means that the end to the normal boundary regime on the Russian-Belarus border was put as always because of somebody’s selfish interests.

All this in a miniature repeats tariff war around of the Belarus transit broke out between the Kremlin and Minsk, only in a miniature. Once again normal relations between two close countries become a change in selfish interests. It is not a secret that well-being of price policy on the internal Russian automobile market has no relation to the interests of citizens – the matter is in the profit which "holders of the market" wish to receive.

Situation with long-term lines on the Russian-Ukrainian border is absolutely symmetric. However, here the initiative belongs to the Ukrainian side where the internal prices for motor transport are overestimated even more strongly than in Russia. To the interests of the Ukrainians this "protection of the market" also has no relation, as soon as a result of such "protection" average Ukrainian who earns even less than the average Russian is compelled to pay for a car and spare parts more than in Russia.

On this simple example it becomes obvious that absence of borders, customs barriers and "defenders of the market" is in interests of the Byelorussians, the Russians and the Ukrainians.

But because of some reasons from time to time from the part of one or other party "defenders" appear who on behalf of citizens of the country establish rules and barriers that interfere with the citizens. For this reason citizens in the majority are always for association while the governments always have weighty reasons to interfere with this association.

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