Sudden Comet over Petersburg Is a Bad Sign for "Petersburg's Team"

Sudden Comet over Petersburg Is a Bad Sign for "Petersburg's Team"

12 January it was possible to see in Saint-Petersburg a comet C/2006 P1 which had got the name McNaught. It’s the comet opened in 2007. It is supposed to be the brightest comet for the last years.

The rare natural phenomenon could be seen even from … an automobile traffic jam. As they in Pulkovskaya observatory declared to "Fontanka", the automobilists could feel themselves astronomers if they "got stuck" in the afternoon on Troitsky bridge. They only needed to turn a head aside a gulf. However, our reader observed the picture from a window of own house in Vyborg area about 17 o'clock in the afternoon. One doesn’t know when it will be possible to see such phenomenon one more time. Comet C/2006 P1 which received a name of the Australian scientist Rob McNaught was opened in 2006. It is already being called “the gift of the nature” or “good sign” in Pulkovskaya observatory.   

The Petersburg astronomers say that this natural phenomenon – is rare not only for our breadthes but also for the entire world. In Northern hemisphere of the Earth the comet cNaught can be observed till January, 15th. Up to this moment it will be rising under a corner of 7 degrees. And then it will simply disappear from the field of vision.

What areas will become optimum for the observance it is not known yet. Astronomers say that in their observatory a bright comet was being observed at once by several people but now they sleep off. But before going to have a rest they have shared impressions with colleagues - so bright comets could be seen only in the 19th century. In the 20th century the cities became illuminated and people have ceased to look at the sky in searches of bright stars. Meanwhile, the 21st century brought a lot of pleasant surprises to people – it looks like the sky is trying to get to itself attention, “Fontanka.ru” writes.

Astrologist Lina Savanskaja especially for Forum.msk noticed that the classical European astrology does not consider such phenomenon as comets - but a role of comets and other unusual heavenly phenomena is very strong in national legends. But in ancient China special "comet horoscopes" were made up. Aristotle paid a lot of attention to the comets. The comet especially appearing unexpectedly is always a bad sign foretelling large disasters: wars, famine, plague.

Lina Savanskaja has reminded that the classical description of such comet - a harbinger of a trouble - is contained in the classical Russian literature. It is a well-known comet of 1812 which as it’s considered foretold war and destruction of Moscow. It is characteristic that such comets are especially well visible over the places of future disasters. So, the comet which appeared in the sky before the First World War, was especially well seen over Yugoslavia. Galilei’s comet appeared over the Europe in 15-th century when Constantinople fell and Turkish army came to Vienna. July Caesar was killed in a year of appearance of a comet. The comet predicted the death of the emperor Neron. Tacitus writes in connection with the appearance of a comet in 66 year of our era: "They started to talk about the one whom to select in successors to Neron as though he have already derthrown!" Plinius the Senior, one of the pillars of antique history, admits frankly: "A Comet is, generally speaking, an awful star; it foretells considerable bloodshed to that we saw examples in the events which happened during Oktavija’s consulate... " And also: "In a war between Caesar and Pompejus we saw examples of frightful consequences of its appearance…” The great doctor of Renaissance Paracelsus considered that comets were sent to the Earth by angels to warn people about close death. Daniel Defoe was convinced that appearance of a comet foretold "… a heavy penalty, slow, but severe, awful and terrible..." Kiev chronicler Nestor describes the divine scourge of 1066: "... there was a sign in the west, the greatest star with beams, as though bloody, ascended in the evening after sunset and that was happening for 7 days; then civil wars followed and invasions on the Russian land; when a bloody star appears, it always means bloodshed”.

Execution of the Supreme body in 1993 was accompanied by a falling of a comet Shumejhery-Levy on Jupiter.

By the way, in 1989 the Association of observers of comets was created, it disappeared with disintegration of the USSR, today nobody conduct special supervision over comets.

They approve that the comet appeared over Petersburg is - the brightest in the history of observation...

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