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China Makes the American Satellites Blind Using Lasers Created on the Base of Soviet and Israeli Technologies

China Makes the American Satellites Blind Using Lasers Created on the Base of Soviet and Israeli Technologies
Saidov Ruslan 19.01.2007

One can hear loud threats to attack Iran from the USA and Israel. In this connection that hysterics which happened in Washington and Tel Aviv at hearing the news that Russia on the eve of New Year finished performance of the contract on delivery to Iran of 29 pieces of modern Air Defence Systems "Tor-M1" and also prepared the Iranian personnel for their use becomes clear. "FORUM.msk" with reference to the Iranian sources was the first of mass-media which informed about the end of the transaction already on the 8th of January and in 8 days our information was officially confirmed by the Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov.

In the Israeli newspaper "TheJerusalemPost" on a theme of the Russian-Iranian military-technical cooperation, in particular, about transaction of "Tor-M1", Jaakov Katz acted. Here you are the fragments of his article.

Israel Warns Russia in Connection with Deliveries of Armament to Iran

Stipulating extreme concern in connection with recent sale of modern rockets of air defence by Russia to Iran, the high-ranking diplomatic representatives and officials of the Ministry of Defence of Israel warned Moscow on Tuesday that the transaction can have serious consequences in sphere of safety that would influence even Russia. …

On Tuesday the Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov declared that Moscow sent rockets of air defence to Teheran for the first time having confirmed on the top-level that such delivery really took place despite of objections of the USA. Ivanov didn’t specify how many rocket systems were sent having informed only about delivery to Iran of rockets "Tor-M1" according to the contract.

"Tor-M1" is - a modern system of air defence which can identify up to 48 targets and to fire simultaneously on two aims at the height up to 6 thousand meters.

Officials of the Ministry of Defence (of Israel) believe that these systems will be used for protection of nuclear objects of Iran, in particular the center on enrichment of uranium in Natanza. In spite of the fact that these rockets are modern and “highly effective", officials have specified that the Israeli Air Forces "are well trained" and know how to cope with numerous threats of different character.

Earlier, according to the Russian mass-media, the Russian officials informed that Moscow will deliver to Iran 29 pieces of rocket systems under the contract for the sum of 700 million dollars signed in December, 2005. …

In the past year the USA called all the countries to stop export of all armaments to Iran as well as cooperation in nuclear sphere so that to put pressure upon Teheran and to force it to stop enrichment of uranium. …

Earlier the Russian mass-media wrote that Moscow carried out negotiations on the sale to Teheran S-300, even more powerful rockets of air defence of the big range... Contracts of Moscow on construction of the atomic power station in Bushera, the first in Iran, already reached 1 billion dollars. …

It’s not absolutely clear what exactly Israelis mean when they say that transaction with "Tors" can somehow influence Russia in a bad way. In fact these Air Defence Systems is - especially defensive weapon. Whether Russia is going to attack Iran? No, it’s Israel that is preparing aggression for which success "Tors" can create essential obstacles, no matter what boastful applications would be done by the Israeli Air Forces. Lebanon has just showed the price of such boasting to the whole world.  

Another thing attracts attention: Israel, criticizing Iran for imaginary aspiration to get a nuclear bomb, itself is a nuclear power for several decades. It can be compared to the fact that criticizing Russia for legal deliveries of armament and military techniques to the Iranian party, Israelis in no small measure promoted saturation of the world market by the modern weapon and military technologies.

The nearest ally of Tel Aviv – Washington - is compelled to recognize it. In the newspaper "Washington Times" Bill Gertts published an article an extract from which you can read beneath.

Moscow and Pekin Creates Space Weapon

Acting last week before the senate general-lieutenant Michael Maples for the first time stipulated anxiety of the Pentagon in connection with secret programs of China and Russia on development of space arms.

"Russia and China continue to remain the basic states causing anxiety concerning military space and anti-space programs", - general Maples said at an annual briefing of the senatorial commission on investigation.

General Maples informed that "a number of states continue working out technologies which can represent threat for space systems of the USA, some states have already developed systems capable to destroy satellites: they are equipped with laser systems of definition of range for tracking satellites and nuclear ballistic missiles".

Other countries work out or develop technologies of tracking objects in space and also "kinetic weapon and the weapon of the directed energy".

General Maples did not make comments on messages heard before  that the Chinese laser was used against the satellite of the USA that caused anxiety among representatives of high rank of administration of Bush in connection with developing space program of Pekin.

Representatives of the USA announced that details about anti-satellite laser shot from China remained secret so that it won’t become clear to China what data the USA possess about this experimental application of anti-satelite weapon, as representatives of Intelligence Service called it.

By means of the Russian and Israeli technologies China worked out some types of ground lasers, representatives of the USAdeclared.

Russia worked out anti-satellite weapon in the days of cold war and representatives of the USA believe that the Russian military men still continue its development. The given armaments include anti-satellite rockets and ground lasers.

Both Russia and China deny development of the nuclear weapon. Most of all they wanted to keep space defense of the USA suggesting to introduce international interdiction on the weapon in space.

In 2004 military-air forces played out 76-th squadron of tracking a space which was capable to destroy or force down foreign satellites by means of ground electronic directors of handicaps.

So, the USA officially declared that by their ally, Israel, delivered to China technologies which helped Pekin to create the fighting laser installations applied now against the American space vehicles of military purpose. But if so, why Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus or any other country of the former USSR could not deliver the same Chinese some Soviet technologies (not Russian - general Mejpls is not exact in formulations – for certain known reasons there are no Russian postSoviet technologies)?

Precisely so, why then it was impossible to deliver to China for restraint of the USA technologies of Soviet cruise missiles X-55? Or why it was impossible to deliver similar technologies to Iran to restraint Israel? At last, why it is impossible to deliver to Syria antitank guided missiles of the Soviet sample for their further transfer to Lebanese "Hezbollah"? In fact Israel, as a matter of fact, has been engaged and continues to be engaged with such matters?

It is obvious that in Israel as well as in the USA there is no answer to it, except for demagogy in spirit of double standards. For this reason Russia not paying attention to the hails of the Americans and Israelis has to realize deliveries to Iran air defence weapon S-300PMU2 and to Syria - tactical missiles "Iskander-Э" and some other kinds of modern armaments and military techniques. Perhaps, it will help to restrain aggressive ardour of adventurers from Washington and Tel Aviv.

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