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Mother of "Osama Bin Kosolapov" Denies His Connection to Act of Terrorism

Mother of "Osama Bin Kosolapov" Denies His Connection to Act of Terrorism

Mother of "the Russian Wahhabi" Pavel Kosolapov who is pointed out by law enforcement as direct executor of undermining of "Neva Express" two years back and, under informal data, of the act of terrorism made last Friday categorically denies participation of her son in the events happened. "Certainly, it's difficult to me to look at all this, it hurts me but I do not believe that my son is involved in it. I won't believe in it, while his fault is not proved", - Valentine Kosolapova declared in the interview to the Russian news service.

She also recollect how former Russian military man who accepted Islam and joined Shamil Basayev and Docka Umarov became the basic figurant in the case with last undermining of the same train. As she said, one year ago inspector came from Moscow, he said that "if in a week your son will not appear, he would be made responsible for Neva Express".

It happened as he said as a result, Valentine says: "And I do not know where my son is to inform about it. "Information that he is connected with "Neva Express" appeared precisely in a week. Now they again pin accusation upon him and I was explained that "he would be accused till he would be found".

Коsolapov was born in Serafimovichesky district Volgograd region. In the late nineties he entered one of the military colleges of the Rostov region but soon was expelled for infringement of mode and came back home. In the native town he got acquainted with local Chechens who suggested him to go to the Caucasus. There the young man was trained in the camps of the Arabian field commanders, accepted Islam and served against federal forces in the territory of the Chechen Republic.

From editorial board: Certainly, in case of "the Russian Osama bin Laden" there are serious discordances, first of all - aspiration to accuse upon him literally everything that is impossible to clear.


Already in 2005 special services published the data according to which the majority of acts of terrorism which took place in the territory of Russia in 2004 was organized by the same diversionary group headed by the former cadet of military college Pavel Kosolapov. Under the version of authorities, one of the first large acts of terrorism organized by "the Russian Osama" was explosion in a wagon of the Moscow underground on February, 6th, 2004 in the result of which 42 people died and more than 250 got wounds. Then there were another four cases of blowing up of gas pipelines near to Chekhov, Podolsk and Bronnitsy situated near Moscow ostensibly under the direction of Kosolapov. On March, 15th insurgents put bombs under three supports of power lines along Simferopol highway. Acts of terrorism at bus stops in Voronezh and in the market in Samara were ostensibly carried out by the same grouping.

So it turns out that throughout 6 years all special services of the country cannot cope with one diversionary group? Thus people go somehow around all the country, live somewhere, have some documents, receive not only instructions but also explosives and other materials - and all this time they didn't give themselves away in any links of the work?

Where did information about Osama Bin Kosolapov appear from? Whether there are few Russian guys from villages who accept Islam? Whether there are few who go to the Caucasus and Afghanistan or elsewhere?

Thus nobody worries that already in 2006 investigation found out that other terrorist group which was headed by ethnic Russian Wahhabite Maxim Ponarin was behind explosions in Voronezh and in the Moscow underground. In 2007 Maxim Ponarin, Tamby Hubiev and Murad Shavaev were sentenced by Moscow City Court to lifelong imprisonment for participation in organisation of act of terrorism in the Moscow underground in 2004. However imperceptible  Kosolapov remains the main terrorist.

In 2004, according to the same law enforcement bodies, Kosolapov returned home in the Volgograd region where he introduced his pupil on camp in Serzhen-Jurta Erkingali Tajzhanov with the local resident, 18-year-old refugee from Armenia Christina Mustafaeva who married him. Soon Tajzhanov's family went to live to Samara and on June, 4th of the same year he ostensibly carried out explosion on consumer goods market in Samara as a result of which 11 people died and 38 were injured. On September, 3rd, 2004 Tajzhanov was arrested in Kazakhstan for storage of drugs. Tajzhanov's wife testified against him, Tajzhanov showed her earlier bomb and confessed that he's going to apply it and soon after explosion showed 3000 euros, having informed wife that he received the money for successful carrying out of act of terrorism. After Tajzhanov learnt that inspectors from Russia go to meet him, he hung himself in the cell. That is instead of terrorist-Wahhabite they caught the addict and when the version ceased to stick together, he "hung himself" in the cell.

With high degree of probability Kosolapov won't be caught but a lot of new unclear crimes will be hung up on him. As on his "colleague" Osama bin Laden.

The question is that the fact of act of terrorism in catastrophe of "Neva Express" remains badly confirmed - the version of technogenic accident is much more convincing.


PS.  Version of law enforcement bodies about "terrible terrorist Kosolapov" has more other discordancies. For example, "bodies" assert that after leaving school in 1997 Kosolapov entered the Krasnodar higher military command engineering school. In 1998 the school was disbanded, a part of cadets including Kosolapov were transferred out to the Rostov military institute of rocket arms named after marshal of artillery M.I.Nedelin. In autumn 1999, half a year to the termination of study he wrote official report with the request to expel him after he was convicted of larceny, ostensibly, he stole money from his fellow student. After expelling from the institute, he passed the involuntary service in rocket armies in the Rostov region and in Chernyshkovsky area of the Volgograd region. After demobilisation and returning to the native village Gorbatovskoe he graduated welders courses - that is he had possibility to go to the Chechen Republic not earlier than in the summer of 2000 year. In the Chechen Republic Kosolapov ostensibly was at war on the side of separatists against federal armies. There he ostensibly had training preparation in educational centre "Caucasus" under the direction of the Arabian instructors known terrorist Hattab in Serzhen-Jurt and accepted radical Islam, then he became instructor himself.

However in 1999 Pavel Kosolapov was only 19 years old. Duration of training at the Rostov military college of rocket arms makes 5 years, he should be on the fifth course not earlier than 2001. By then well-known educational centre of Hattab was already destroyed: the Russian federal armies occupied settlement Serzhen-Jurt in the Shalinsky district of the Chechen Republic in spring 2000. At this time Kosolapov still either continued his service in the rocket armies, or studied in his native village on welders courses.

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