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Putin’s Three-Hours-Long Press-Conference Came to an End: Toneless Answers of the President Were Surpassed by the Noise in the Audience

Putin’s Three-Hours-Long Press-Conference Came to an End: Toneless Answers of the President Were Surpassed by the Noise in the Audience
Cherny Dmitry 02.02.2007

Putin's press conference for the Russian and foreign journalists came to an end. It was the sixth session of dialogue of V.Putin with representatives of mass-media after his assumption of a post of the president of the Russian Federation. As previous ones it passed in the Round hall of the 14-th building of the Kremlin and lasted more than three hours.

The most remarkable at the press conference was noise in a room which accrued every time the next journalist was given opportunity to speak. "Democratic character" of the process was emphasized by Putin's strict instructions - to who should speak next. One of the newswomen had been waiting for her turn for two and a half hours. Only for this fact it’s worth getting interested in information which was given by Putin in answer to really important, disturbing not only journalists but readers of their editions question.  

Actually, nothing new. Obviously, the president and all other who ask him questions (not only on the given air) see the country from very different points of view – for example the ones asked on our FORUM.msk. According to Putin – in the country renewal of production capacities has been going at full, we are not afraid of ballistic missile defense of the USA in the Europe and “building boom” is nothing else but assessable housing for all and everybody. That is what Putin would like to have.

As FORUM.msk criticizing the mode headed by Putin, always paid the basic attention to an economic problematic, we can help noticing meanwhile that "the process has started": Putin started talking about things we wrote approximately one year ago - that the favorable conjuncture of the high prices for energy carriers wouldn’t be infinite and it is necessary to put petro- and gasdollars into reequipment of manufactures. The president has noticed the problem and even said about it. But what is really done? What reequipment one can talk about if the most half of industry, mostly Soviet, has been pulled up by the roots, has been given away as a scrap metal. In the Far East this process proceeds, the Soviet factories as a scrap metal are being delivered to China together with wooden sticks - that was contained in one of the questions to the president. In 2005 production output was above the level of 1991 only in three sectors of economy: in extraction of energy carriers (only 11% higher), in a pulp and paper industry and publishing (6 %). And in the whole parameters of output volumes in manufacturing industry make now only 45% from a level of the year 1991. At that production of tractors has decreased approximately 14 times, chip-making machines – 11, spinners – 50, textile machines – 127 times!!!

Well, misters, Putin first of all carries out his psychotherapeutic function! Though, his voice from originally convincing ("dictatorship of the law”, "equidistance of business from authority", "crackdown") becomes recently more and more self-convincing, self-sufficient, it reminds reading from a leaf. That is the way one reads verses or prose in a small audience. Causa sui - that is, the reason of - here that arises as the characteristic of such style of speech.

It is said - manufacture will be re-equipped - means, it is already being re-equipped. No sooner said than done. And no interval, no idle time. If it was really so – whether someone would ask questions then? Everybody would live and be pleased. Not for free we live in the epoch of "PR".

In practice new industrial items - and Putin spoke about it with undisguised pride - are created in the Russian Federation only by forces of foreign investors. And in such satiation Russia as the eternal bride has to keep its "investment appeal". That is all.  

As to the "dissymetric answers" about ballistic missile defense of the USA everything sounded convincingly - only what is an essence, a zest of such answers? Whether only in Soviet projects which are presented as well as many other things especially as a merit of a present mode? But here we are ready not to insist on the answer – if it’s a military secret?

Anyhow, all Putin's answers cause more and more questions. Probably, that was the reason the audience was anxious. This noise could seem to be a noise behind the walls of the Kremlin, where not the chosen journalists but mass of working people on top-priority project of capitalism are also waiting for the answers to many questions.  

It is amusing, as Putin has translated a question about parent capital into discussion of no less than vital for dear Russians necessity of continuity of authority. Well, you saw our successor – please, vote for him, put your bulletins and give birth to more children, then your labours will be awarded by our Government-Gazprom.

To calm everybody by convincing intonations. Complex questions - discuss in a belly-buzz manner as it should be done by scouts – what will be if somebody will get offended? And the main thing – to hit the high points. Without stops, without detains: “I give you directive”, “we are already working on this problem” – Putin is not like Kashpirovsky or habbard-followers, he has only one phrase “we will render all possible support”.  

Conversation on a theme of dying out domestic car industry was somehow dexterously turned out into eulogy of carry of some production cycles of foreign factories on the territory of the Russian Federation - you, comrades workers, will not remain unemployed, we already work on this problem.

The comment in relation to "Fair Russia" was absolutely magnificent - actually Putin was the only one who at full absence of the program of this "party", as they say, "sounded" its ideological direction - "controllable social-democracy”.  

Well, it happens so, the president can blab out. Well, it’s not a secret for everyone that the party was created not from below but exclusively by shock efforts of the Old square - at first on a partition of "Rodina" and then on merging of these "members" with RPZh? So - Putin, at last, not only recognized that the party would work more and more on the left floor but even that conversations about socialism, more often heard in discussion of the Duma bills, these very nocuous seditious conversations "FR" would step by step turn on the rail-tracks of social-democrats.  

Really, sometimes it seems that Putin knows about social democracy much more than the appointed leader of "FR" Mironov. You, V.V., should give him at least the book to read, to this ex-businessman and present social democrat. It is known that Putin does not like a words "communism" and "socialism". He considers a capitalist way of manufacture – the most fair. But social democracy he treats better. Not without a reason he suggested the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to be renamed - "as Lenin called the party".

Though, domestic history showed very well the way social democracy could become after revolution socialism and aim further - to achievement of communism... However, such conversations are obviously premature for "FR" which even doesn’t have any program. Simply kremwhores "have cleaned out a selective field" and what to construct here and under what project – they still understand vaguely. Though they know - it is necessary to supersede the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, this once leading and still concealing something ominous for a present mode in its name party.

That was what Putin spoke about discussing “FR”, if it’s not clear for someone.

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