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Ford in Vsevolozhsk Is Ready to Comply Partially to the Workers but the Workers Are Not Ready to Accept a Tip

Ford in Vsevolozhsk Is Ready to Comply Partially to the Workers but the Workers Are Not Ready to Accept a Tip

The administration of the Russian factory Ford in Vsevolozhsk at last made a proposal to increase wages to the worker on 14-20% depending on a scale of charges within the limits of a new collective agreement. Now the average wage at a factory makes 18-19 thousand rbl.

New contract also grants interest-free loans in particular for education of children till 18 years, for health services of workers and their relatives which is not covered by the program of voluntary medical insurance. Besides, one time grant bonus for the record of service on the enterprise more than 5 years and a number of other privileges are being introduced.

It is necessary to remind that trade union of the factory trying to achieve increase of wages has planned for the 14th of February, 2007 carrying out of a massive strike. Expecting its result the administration decided not to wait the protest of employees and to increase of wages but trade union still insists on satisfaction of all requirements and increase of the salary - is not the core question.

It’s disgustingly enough that Leningrad regional court recognized illegal carrying out by trade union of the factory "Ford Vsevolozhsk" of the strike planned on Wednesday. Practically Russian workers of the foreign enterprise can’t rely on the support of the authorities – they can rely only on themselves.  

Workers of the factory Ford have already had 2 strikes in 2005 demanding increase of wages. The trade union of a factory in April, 2006 finished labour dispute with administration. The salary was raised on 14,25-17,5 % whereas the trade union demanded increase on 30 %.

According to the trade union data, now the company whose cars are the best sold in Russia does not give annual holidays to the workers, does not provide certification of workplaces, there is no norm-fixing at the factory, thus the workers have to work even on weekends.

The basic requirement of the working collective is - signing of the collective agreement including some items. In particular, it is refusal of work under short-term contracts, recognition of unhealthy conditions of work and a guarantee of granting of workplace in case of getting of occupational disease on manufacture.

The workers refused to accept an offer of a company management on increase of wages on 14-20 % and continue to insist on performance of all requirements.

The personnel is going to stop production line from 00.00 Moscow time on the 14th of February…

FORUM.msk will follow the development of the events…

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