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Atheistic Court Didn't Satisfy Masha. But There's Also a Supreme Court!..

Atheistic Court Didn't Satisfy Masha. But There's Also a Supreme Court!..

The court rejected the claim of a schoolgirl Masha Shrajber to Charles Darwin and his godless theory that caused sincere indignation of all supporters of True Orthodoxy. Due to the fault of a judicial arbitrariness people of Russiaare deprived of such a gag which, probably, won’t occur for a long while. We are deprived of the public property, freedom, real elections and now our gags are also entrenched.

"I was shocked when I heard the comments of Cyril Shrajber that Darwin’s theory led to extremism and fascism", - co-author of the textbook on biology for the 10th grade issued by a printing house “Drofa” Sergey Mamontov declared on a trial on the 21st of February.  

- And where it can lead to, - observer of FORUM.msk Alexander Magidovich gets interested. - If Hitler and Rosenberg didn’t have monkeys as their ancestors according to Darwin? And Limonov too. And even B.I.Rabinovich that, as the phrase goes, simply won’t do... All evil is - from monkeys, extremism and fascism, financial pyramids and a rise in price of bus tickets. It is shocking and it should be stopped!

"The textbook has passed licensing, this text is not totally perfect but has passed approbation of a plenty of teachers. To speak that Darwin’s theory is false - is obscene", - Mamontov said. Besides he noted that charges that the theory of Darwinis connected with Marxism are also groundless. "One shouldn’t speak about political influence of teaching of Darwin’t theory as it used to be taught in the universities of imperial Russia", - he emphasized. "Point of view of creation scientists couldn’t be proved, they could be only believed into. To consider creation science in the context of scientific knowledge is not possible”, - Mamontov said.

- Marx, according to Darwinists also has a monkey as a forefather, - Alexander Magidovich believes, - by virtue of this fact connection between Darwinism and Marxism is scientifically proved and incontestable. While references to universities of imperial Russia are groundless as these universities taught revolutionary infection to Lenin, Trotsky and even renegade Kautsky. Why, for example, except for Tiflisseminary no spiritual educational institution didn’t grow up any revolutionary? That is because they didn’t teach Darwin’s theory there. It will be just to close Universities and open Seminaries instead – but for Tiflisone, it also should be closed. Then there will be no revolutionary infection being spread.

Supporters of True Orthodoxy face off resolutely to Darwinism and extremism - since early morning nearby Isaakievsky cathedral and later during the investigation of a case - opposite to Octyabrsky Federal Court where it used to take place. Several people dressed in the form of Ku-Klus Clan went into the streets with posters "The Earth - flat!", "We demand to burn G. Bruno for the second time!", "Gagarin lied that he didn’t see the God!", "All teachers of biology - witches!", "Mathematics - a pseudo science!", etc

It’s remarkable that some members of movement “Nashi” (including the leader of S-P department Leonid Kurza) declared in the court about their support of Mashs Shrajber. The participators of the action jumped and waved hands declaring that if they couldn’t fly up, than Darwin’t theory was not scientific and it should be prohibited.

- I am going to submit in the near future the claim to defenders of Darwin’ theory as they insult the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin approving that he also has a monkey as his forefather, - Alexander Magidovich informed. - Such mean fabrications can fatally affect minds of youth, strongly damage image and rating of our President. I believe that it is done on purpose aiming to discredit legitimate authority in the Russian Federation. The idea of monkey-likeness of representatives of the Russian authority is being imposed to rising generation in the time when the cult of dollar is being guided under the slogan In God We Trust! I am going to prove juridically heavenly origin of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in correspondence to the canons of the Church and ideas of True Orthodoxy! 

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