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Congratulations with February, 23rd, American Anti-Ballistic Missiles System Is Already near Our Borders

Congratulations with February, 23rd, American Anti-Ballistic Missiles System Is Already near Our Borders

Today 13 rockets-interceptors of anti-ballistic missiles system are situated on Alaska; within two weeks their quantity will reach 14. Formally it is explained by the threat of attacks of ballistic missiles of Iranand Northern Korea against the USA. At that Irantoday has no rockets capable to reach Alaska.

"We wish to protect not only the USAbut also our armies worldwide and our allies", - the agency head on Anti-Ballistic Missiles System of the USA Henry Obering said speaking about intention of establishment of antimissiles, including, in the Europe. At that Iranian rockets of today can reach only Eastern Europe while the ones of the Northern Koreaare only at the stage of testing and, judging from the results, are too far from putting into service.

Obering assured that American anti-missiles which were planned to be established in the East Europe were not directed against Russiaand according to their characteristics were not capable to intercept the Russian rockets. However he told nothing about the Chinese rockets which characteristics were worse, than the Russian and their quantity was less. He also said nothing about the future - the rocket potential of the Russian Federationpromptly degrades despite of loud applications of former Minister of Defense Ivanov.

There are known research works - American ones - which approve that in case of carrying by the USA the first nuclear blow on launchers on the territories of Russia, Strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation will be practically destroyed - the Russian army today has no enough mobile complexes, sea and air components of a nuclear triad degraded, fighting railway complexes are liquidated. Practically all basic shock power of the Russian SNP is represented by the rockets of pit basing – in the conditions of full degradation of a system of early warning system of rocket attack they will become the targets for the American ballistic rockets. Singular isolated launches will be the answer – the American anti-missiles will work against them, practically for sure granting the screen for the territory of the USAagainst fightback.

"It is necessary to note that it’s the USA that remain the first and the only state in the history of mankind which applied the nuclear weapon in war - and applied it against the peaceful population and also against the opponent who for sure had no weapon of mass defeat," - Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk noted.

The chapter of the American agency connected with Anti-Ballistic Missiles System does not see any reasons for the withdrawal of Russiafrom the treaty on medium- and short-range rockets. An announcement about such possibility from the part of Russiawas made on the 15th of February by the Head of Joint Staff of Armed Forces of the RF Jury Baluevsky.

On February, 15th Baluevsky declared that participation of Russiain the treaty will depend on actions of the USAin the field of antimissile defense.

To expect from new Minister of Defense some sensible position on the given question is obviously worthless, however, the same situation is with the former one. Supreme Commander-in-Chief is little farther.

However the reality is such that expansion of Anti-Ballistic Missiles System on perimeter of the Russian Federation will allow the USA to solve in the near future an important problem – not to allow Russia to rearm Strategic nuclear forces and at the end to achieve using direct pressure asymmetric reduction of nuclear potential of our country.

There is also an alternative variant - upon termination of testing of Anti-Ballistic Missiles System the USAare quite capable to put a preventive nuclear attack on the territoryof Russia. Unlike the Russian thieves and bribe takers, the ruling elite of America is very deeply motivated ideologically, i.e. it is capable of the extremely radical acts for the sake of the idea – you needn’t to look hard to find examples, there is still a war in Iraq and Afghanistan but the plan of intrusion into Iran is already being prepared. Actually there is already the Third world war and it’s a crime not to notice it.

Congratulations, dear comrades!

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