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Santa-Dima in a Live Television Broadcast: Be Happy!

Santa-Dima in a Live Television Broadcast: Be Happy!

On the eve of Christmas on the Gregorian style president Medvedev met on air the heads of three federal television channels. Conversation was simultaneously broadcast on air of the First channel, NTV and television channel "Russia". During Dmitry Medvedev's meeting with Konstantin Ernst, Vladimir Kulistikov and Oleg Dobrodeyev various themes were mentioned but the genre was general - aim conversation. Not with the heads of television channels (they have installations tightly stitched) but with people of Russia.

Medvedev talked about everything. Struggle against consequences of world financial crisis became one of the first themes of discussion. According to the president, Russia overcame difficulties connected with it. Social stability managed to be kept. All obligations of the state before citizens were kept. Citizens should know that if it seems to them that they are not living well, not the state is guilty of it. State obligations - are kept. Though are not executed...

The president told about electoral system in the country and gave estimation of last regional elections. As he said, not all passed smoothly, there were infringements. It surprisingly reminded Gorbachev during the time of "antialcoholic decree" - not all citizens manage to buy easily alcoholic drinks but everybody will have it and as it should be...

Medvedev told also about situation connected with work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He declared that today he would sign the decree about perfection of activity of power department which would provide the decision of financial, personnel and organizational questions. He signed - to reduce the Ministry of Internal Affairs by 20% and the salary of the dismissed to distribute among those who remained. As if cops live on the salary... Though it is necessary to say that all Medvedev's route to TV studio from Rizhskaya Estakada and to "Ostankino" was followed by such quantity of cops that thoughts about reduction seem quite proved logically. The same thing on meetings, there 2 men from OMON for one "of dissenters". What for it is so much?

Speaking about socially significant problems - the president reminded of measures on regulation of the market of medicines. Medvedev underlined that serious measures to manufacturers and sellers who unfairly price out will be taken. What if they price out well-takenly?

Speaking about health and safety of people - the president declared that it's necessary to forbid the alcohol completely use at the wheel. He promised to bring respective alterations in the legislation. The norm of the admissible use of alcohol is subjected to cancellation. Good fellow, thinks correctly. It's interesting who signed the previous law which allow to drink at the wheel?

Dmitry Medvedev told also about last tragedies which occurred in our country as citizens may be don't not something. Speaking about fire in night club in Perm, the president once again underlined that criminal negligence is a cause of it but he didn't forbid to drink in night clubs and in vain. It is also possible to limit working hours of night clubs, say, till 22 o'clock and to forbid appearance there nude. As to the catastrophe with "Neva Express", the head of the state promised that guilty in the act of terrorism would be necessarily found. He informed that there are perspective versions and the crime would be investigated, even if it's not act of terrorism but railroad tracks destruction.

There was also talking about foreign policy of our country. In particular, Dmitry Medvedev informed that the Russian-American relations are being actively consolidated. Thus, our country and the USA already co-ordinated almost all details of the new contract about National Security Council so important for both countries. It is necessary to co-ordinate only what to do, if our country will appear to be unable to produce so many rockets as it is authorized under the contract.

Speaking about the Russian army the president noticed that in the near future it's necessary to update military technology and to improve social status of military men. He didn't mentioned, how it could be done.

- As a whole very pleasant Christmas fairy tale, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - I hope that on the eve of orthodox Christmas on Julian calendar the president also would tell us something interesting. For example, where the workers of AutoVaz should go after New Year's hard drinking - to work or the labour registry office at once? What about dismissed militiamen - it's not a secret that many of them live in hostels. So, will they be provided with habitation before dismissal? Or, on the contrary, they together with their families will find themselves on the street? One more thing is interesting - since new year foodstuff on the world markets will rise in price - what would our citizens who are short of money to buy food  under old prices will do? It's also interesting to hear that since new year the Constitution again operates in the Russian Federation... Of course, I understand that that's all is simply a fairy tale. But it would be so desirable to hear it...


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