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There's Nobody to Study in Russia - All Died out

There's Nobody to Study in Russia - All Died out

In three-four years there will be twice less students, than now in Russia, the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko considers.

"It is connected with demography, it varies catastrophically to the worst. In three-four years there will be twice less students, than now in the country", - he said in the interview to radio station "Echo of Moscow".

Under his forecast, by 2012 the quantity of graduates of schools in Russia can be reduced to 700 thousand against 1,3 million graduates in 2006.

"It is very difficult to find strong children and to provide entrance of due quantity into high schools, - the minister says. - There are no students - there is no work for teachers".

Thus he informed that last year 20 high schools remained without students on budgetary places. "Almost all the rest enrolled students for budgetary places. The quantity of payable places was reduced. Private high schools appeared absolutely in total failure, they enrolled from 15 to 50% of their usual admitted candidates", - the minister said.

- Apparently, assurances of the authorities that demographic catastrophe in the Russian Federation has been stopped - lies, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - In relation to it I would differently treat Serdjukov's reform of the army, reduction of military colleges and general strength reduction - how many unoccupied vacancies are there in armies? There's nobody to study, nobody to work - there's also nobody to defend native land. Only prisons are full. What power is it, what country? In fact all who can leave the Russian Federation leave it - you can judge by yourselves how good it's here. We are still afraid that we will be occupied by Chinese. Aroud 700 million Chinese live lengthways our eastern frontier, while only 12 million live on the Russian side. If it is possible to constrain such demographic pressure for long? The more so it goes from more developed country, with higher life expectancy.


"Monography "State of health and death rates of children and adults of reproductive age in modern Russia" with dedicatory inscription of prof. Akopyan, my friend and classmate is before me on the tale, - Anatoly Baranov continued. - When the book was issued 10 years ago, I was shaken by the data resulted in it. I even wrote about it big article being reprinted, if I'm not mistaken, till now - it was called "Russians Really Die out at Yeltsin". So, they continue to die out both at Putin and Medvedev. But it cannot proceed infinitely, sooner or later - we will die out. The fact that today that extinction is visible "by eye" both to military commissars and teachers who simply remain without work. At that in the book I am talking about is noticed that in the Russian Federation there's unprecedentedly high death rate of people of young age - more than third. Today it is seen even at a level of death mentioned by newspapers - from Turchinsky to Trakhtenberg - young people, little older than forty, felt themselves socially very well. And what's the result?"

- In my review of 10 years' prescription I pinned hopes on power change, change of priorities of board, - Anatoly Baranov finished. - It seemed after Yeltsin that new, vigorous governor could stop the process. But today it is already possible to ascertain - neither Putin, nor his successor coped with the main task. And it is impossible to say that they didn't have means for solving of the problem - the country received a lot of money but how they were spent? Only by the end of Putin's board they "recollected" about depopulation, arranged show "the national project" which was headed by present president Dima. I would like to ask now - directly, in a simple way: "Dima, could you report on the national project on birth rate?" Maternal capital, all other shit - it is good but could you show the result? No? Who is engaged in public health services? The bookkeepers? Kremlin PR, Slava Surkov writes novels and so on - it's very good but it seems that we have already lost Russia...

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