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Church in Crusade against Communists

Church in Crusade against Communists
Yury Solomatin, member of Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine 26.01.2010

Publication of my material "Communists and Church: Merry Christmas! Or whether cutlets and flies will be separated?" caused violent reaction among member of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Especially some religious comrades did not like the following passage: "On this background (... of regular anticommunistic statements of church hierarches) further footsie of left with the Russian Orthodox Church public reception from them of official church awards looks rather ambiguous and becomes similar to service as policeman during occupational mode".

Especially zealous already managed to accuse me both of party treachery and in sticking knife into a back on the eve of presidential election on January, 17th, etc. Corresponding "bodies" promise future showdowns. I answer to it very simply: formulate all your questions in written form. "Bodies" don't want to do it.

I started the article on a theme "Communists and Church" not for the sake of self-justification but for one more critical attack on the party documents about its mutual relations with Church become obsolete and objectively harmful: the Decision of joint Plenum of the Central Committee and Central Control Committee "About Position of the Communist Party of Ukraine in Relation to Religion and Church" of October, 20th, 2001 and the Declaration "About Position of the Communist Party of Ukraine in Relation to Religion and Church".

A note with substantiation of my position on the question to the Central Committee and Central Control Committee was in due time submitted and remained till now without answer. I can understand when madam Vitrenko runs on the backyards of vicarial visit of Patriarch Cyril to Ukraine and declares that nice Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine - a child of orthodox mother - church and that "orthodox socialism" is interesting. But when my party fellow - recognized leader of the Crimean communists Leonid Ivanovich Grach put himself out in love to "mother - church"... One can struck dumb.

Leonid Ivanovich very fairly and capaciously gave estimation to the president of Ukraine V.Yushchenko who left cadence in connection with "big pleasure" of the last related with condemnation by the most independent court in the world - Kiev appeal court of I.V.Stalina and other heads of CPSU (B) gone to the better world for GOLODOMOR-GENOCIDE of the Ukrainians in 1932-33. and appeal to create the international tribunal for struggle against communists: "I am surprised that such gnomes as Yushchenko and his pack raised their hands against such figure as Stalin!"

Leonid Ivanovich, well, what's the use of being cunning, what surprises you? After all went to it... Already in 2006 PACE accepted resolution "About crimes of communism and necessity of their condemnation" and OSCE-PACE in July, 2009 equated stalinizm/communism to nazism. But Europe - forget it (the same with our EUROexploirer Yushchenko and other together with him), it always had in its mind DRANG NACH OSTEN!

For truly believing Mr. Yushchenko position of "parent church" UOC became defining! Sacred Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in November, 2009 on the occasion of mournful date - 75th anniversary of Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine accepted the Reference in which it's stated, I (quote): " ... in 1930s Ukraine for the first time endured artificial hunger, massacre of millions citizens - cynical, purposeful, ruthless. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church in deep grief prayerfully prays for the victims of Holodomor and other reprisals of the Soviet totalitarianism. Victims amount to - ten millions: shot, stirred up in prisons, put to death through different mental and physical tortures, died from hunger torments. Even the victims of war doesn't amount to such quantity. Really the mode waged bloody war with own people. The church warns against deeply false and antihuman ideology which made such tragedy possible and calls for repentance those who has not begun to see clearly and has not renounced from theomachy in its forms".

Dear Lenid Ivanovich, whether you didn't know about that Reference, when you as zealous advocate of Orthodox East Slavic unity, the People's Deputy of Ukraine from Communist Party of Ukraine, at the same time - the Chairman of Social Council for Protection of the Constitutional Powers of Crimea congratulated Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Vladimir with Christmas Holiday? It is already similar to some craziness on a church porch... Whether you really going to swallow further these charges and insults from outside "parent church" because of the Order of Nativity of Christ granted to you two years ago? Or you have already silently churched as some known leaders of the Communist Party in Russia and Ukraine? No, indeed, it's enough, comrades!...


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