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"At Last We Learnt All the Truth about Him"

"At Last We Learnt All the Truth about Him"
Аlexander Majsuryan 31.01.2010

The first mayor of Moscow Gabriel Popov and operating mayor of the capital Jury Luzhkov became the authors of article about Egor Gaydar who died on December, 16th, 2009. The newspaper "Moscow Komsomolets" published their article entitled "One More Word about Gaydar". Mayors sharply criticize Gaydar.

They recollect, in particular, one meeting in February, 1992: "There was a discussion of social problems on building of schools, about pensions, savings of citizens which turned to a dust". Then one of the authors of the article addressed Gaydar with words that 36 cases of death from hunger were fixed in Zelenograd. Egor Timurovich to that remark answered that "radical transformations take place in the country, situation with money is difficult and death of people incapable to resist to these transformations - natural thing".

Well, Egor Timurovich is, of course, good as always. This pearl is quite worthy to become a history, as it was entered by the following words of the French aristocrat of XVIII-th century: "If people do not have bread - let them eat cakes". Unless misters capital mayors are good?

In the known old song there are refrain words about different domestic governors "but in February (or October...) he died and we learnt all truth about him". For example, there was tsar Nikolay II - "but in February he died - and than we learnt all truth about him". Or there was Khruschev - "but he died in October - and we learnt all truth about him"...

Irony of a song is that officials of exalted ranks so loving truth appear on the scene only when malicious despot ande tyrant has already definitively left it.


We move and move forward,

But if somebody once dies,

History will tell about it to us,

History, which will not tell

A word, a half-word lie.


Here you are - classical case. Little time pass after they buried Mr. Gaydar - the tongues of noblemanly truth-lovers -  capital mayors - immediately untied and found perfect flexibility and freedom. Where they were with their remarkable exposures in 1992-1993 while Gaydar was in power? Then such public accusation could cause him essential loss.


Where was all their pathos at least in the following 15 years while Gaydar was still alive and remained on political scene? Where were their tongues? If these tongues took so deep and strong roots in that place, grew together with it indissolubly, whether it was necessary to do such work now and pull them out from that place?

Certainly, the number of victims of "radical reform" is not limited to those 36 victims of hunger from Zelenograd. Here you are passionless statistics of death rate in Russia during 1990-1994:

1.655.993 people died in 1990;

1.690.657 people died in 1991;

1.807.290 people died in 1992;

2.129.339 people died in 1993;

2.301.366 people died in 1994.

If to consider death rate of 1990-91 "normal", then by simple subtraction it is easy to establish that for years of "radical reform" more than one million people became history "ahead of schedule". What's the reason? The answer is obvious: mainly from denutrition, illnesses accompanying it and from under-treatment. Year 1992 when those 36 citizens of Zelenograd died of hunger was rather "velvet" in comparison with years of reforms which follows.

By the way, further death rate in Russia was at a high enough level...

If both respectable mister mayors those years heading the capital one after another do not bear any responsibility for those figures? Unless they were not an important part of "party in power" which organized all that Holodomor?

Well, it's ok. Every dog has its day, the Lent will come. Few time will pass, "October" will come and for capital heads. May be even for all present ruling elite? "At last we will learn all truth about it"!

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