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Insor Prepared a Snuffbox of Paul I for Putin

Insor Prepared a Snuffbox of Paul I for Putin

Institute of Contemporary Development ("Insor") which board of guardians is headed by the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will publish the report "Russia of XXI-st Century: Image We Wish for Tomorrow". According to the member of the board of "Insor" Evgenie Gontmaher, the idea of the report appeared in the summer of 2009 and, judging by reaction of the assistant to the president, member of a board of "Insor" Arcady Dvorkovich, the president supported it. Prepared text was sent to Medvedev and Dvorkovich several weeks ago, the chairman of board of "Insor" Igor Yurgens said.

Considerable part of the report is devoted to political modernisation without which, according to authors, economic one is also impossible. After all modernisation bases on "the human capital", the main pledge of its success - highly skilled worker. And for this purpose is necessary to create a system where human value would become a strategic resource, while dictatorship, violence and humiliation would be excluded. De-bureaucratization of economy is necessary for modernisation and it can be made only through "de-economization of bureaucracy", i.e. suppression of getting of incomes from carrying out of state functions. Innovative economy is incompatible "with elements of neofeudalism and archaic institutes". The state should become the arbitrator at collision of interests that means political pluralism, competitive spirit and change of various forces in power as well as independent court.

The report offers to return to more free liberal model, including appointment of governors by elections, returning of elections by a majority principle, increase of the number of parties and so on. However, obvious hint on adjustable political system is present: right-centrist and left-centrist parties are assumed as system core. The first - the spokesman of interests of middle class (to which not less than 50% of the population belongs), the second - supports business of traditional branches. "Clans" defend their interests through competing parties. The right populists (LDPR successors) and New Left Party (successor of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation) receive no more than 2-4% on elections. That is probability of coming to power in result of elections of one of 18 "not main" parties is excluded.

From editorial board: It's pleasant to us that works of FORUM.msk were used at preparation of the report - say views on present system as on "neofeudal", recognition of obvious socio-cultural degradation of the Russian society and special backbone role of corruption in functioning of mechanisms of the government.


It is necessary to estimate also that the report is published directly after events in Kaliningrad.


Though the prescription offered by "Insor", alas, can appear worse than illness.


There's no definition of objectives in the report, as a matter of fact, there's only the thought "to live as normal bourgeois state" but we have already passed such aspirations as "we will catch up and we will overtake Holland", they lead precisely to "Putin Russia". After all phenomenon Putin, as well as every Bonaportist mode is natural and surprisingly (paradoxically) depersonalized.


The matter is that there is no Putin and never was - that is Vladimir Vladimirovich is, of course, alive, healthy and real but anyone else could have been find himself on his place. Putin's phenomenon is especially man-made, neither Vladimir Vladimirovich's biography, nor his personal qualities play essential role in forming of this phenomenon. It's "succession", any more or less decently looking person can play the role of successor - for example, Andrey Malakhov or Nikolay Baskov, some actor or, as in our case, the lieutenant colonel of KGB, who didn't spend a day at war and have no episode in the biography which would be possible to give out for a feat.

But "the successor of the successor" is between hey and grass - there's such impression that Dima Medvedev was born 2 years prior to elections to occupy at once a post of the first vice-premier and the curator of the national projects, none of which has been realized. It's simply superfluous acknowledgement of thesis that everybody can be the successor - Dima Medvedev is just that "everybody".

All this - is not a cause for indignation or a mock. It's direct and convincing proof of objective necessity of such phenomenon as "sovereign democracy" as logical end of "democracy of Yeltsin type".

It's a defect of the report of "Insor" which has been prepared, undoubtedly, by very intelligent and the same way diligent people. If no way from existing system into some other system is stated, situation will reproduce phenomenon of "Putin Russia" all the same, only with other actors on a stage. Though as successor Dima is going to continue playing key role in this performance further, I think, the report will not have further development. What for?

Dmitry Medvedev is not Alexander the First to declare after liquidation of own father that "everything will be as at grandmother" (grandfather). Yurgens is also not earl Palen. There will be no revolution.

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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