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In One and a Half Year Iran Will Receive Weapon-Grade Uranium

In One and a Half Year Iran Will Receive Weapon-Grade Uranium

Iran began the program of enrichment of uranium up to 20%. According to the state television channel "Al-Alam" the process started in nuclear centre Natants in 250 kilometres to the south from Teheran in the presence of inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The decision on the beginning of process of uranium enrichment up to 20% was preceded by strengthening of pressure from outside the West achieving introduction of international sanctions against Iran. The USA and their allies are afraid that Iran tries to create nuclear weapon. Teheran denied it in every possible way insisting that enriched uranium will be used only in production of fuel for Atomic Power Station.

Now Iran enriches uranium up to 3,5%, however, for work of the research reactor in Teheran which is intended for production of medical isotopes, they need uranium to be enriched up to 20%. Enrichment level suited for creation of bomb should reach minimum 90%.

Process of enrichment of uranium up to 20% will occupy about a year. 2 thousand centrifuges of Natants center will be used for this purpose.

However for enrichment of uranium from 20% to 90% is required only six months and so many centrifuges are not necessary for this purpose - it will be enough if there will be from 500 to 1000 of them.

Earlier the head of the nuclear program of Iran Ali Akbar Salekhi promised that next year his country will construct at once 10 new enterprises for uranium enrichment. It caused angry reaction of the USA and France which declared that time of "rigid sanctions" in relation to Teheran came and the government of Great Britain stated deep concern about the Iranian position. UN Security Council already applied three series of sanctions in relation to Iran in attempt to interfere with enrichment of uranium and production of heavy water which can be used for manufacturing of nuclear weapon. On Monday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia also urged Teheran to follow obligations made earlier on sending of uranium for enrichment abroad.


From editorial board: Two moments are essential. The first one - the term during which Iran can receive enough quantity of enriched uranium suitable for production of nuclear charges is defined - it's one and a half year (1 year up to level of 20% and 6 months up to 90%). As to creation of nuclear bomb as such, Iran shouldn't come along with technological difficulties after reception of necessary quantity of enriched uranium. Moreover, there are bases to believe that Teheran already possesses nuclear charges of small capacity in the individual copies made of uranium received illegally. These charges cannot represent considerable threat to someone by themselves but their presence in Teheran can say that technological problems of producing of nuclear bomb have been already overcome.

The second moment - position of Iran in foreign policy. Teheran already has serious means of delivery of nuclear charges which can threaten not only to the nearest neighbours but also to the territory of RF. Till the last moment relations between the Russian Federation and Iran have been developing peacefully and in quite friendly way but the recent statement of Ahmadinejad that Iran has material claims to Russia and Great Britain for occupation in the Second World War changes seriously the state of affairs.

Iran is capable to carry out unfriendly policy in relation to the Russian Federation - it can be related also to the Caspian shelf, fish resources of Caspian Sea as well as historical claims to the territory of the former republics USSR and even the Russian Federation - in Dagestan.

Iran has army which is slightly concedes the Russian one in size but doesn't concede in equipment and training. Having received nuclear weapon Iran becomes almost equal opponent to the Russian Federation and if Teheran increases military and economic power, the Russian Federation obviously degrades. Already in 5-10 years Iran can quite join the struggle for "the Russian inheritance".



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