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Russia, Go Ahead...

Russia, Go Ahead...
Еlisaveta Alexandrova 24.02.2010

Russian Truth


Worthless governors were sacrificed in the African tribes. In neofeudal Russia governors sacrifice people. The Russian power - "transcendental object": it lives for itself, rules to own pleasure and having received nuclear power will leave peasant village after itself.

History repeats itself in the form of farce. As though performance about imperial Russia is being played by bad comedians. The clergy as if leapt from anticlerical propaganda materials and the Russian remote places - from pages of Bunin's "Village" - mad, drunk and hammered. "Elite" passes place in the sun and business became exclusive, as merchant class before revolution. Family clannishness today - norm, idea that the son of the politician - politician, the son of manufacturer - manufacturer, the son of director - director took root in mass consciousness. "Better be born with contacts than rich" - there's modern saying.

Russia is big but fitted a pocket. Oligarchs have control over resources of our country but live in other countries. As well as the Russian industrialists in XIX-th century they buy up islands and private residences in Europe, transform Soviet sanatoria into estates, hiding them behind high fences and private property laws. When one tries noble family clothes on, other have to wear servile caftan. Who is richer have Slavic servants, "middle class" has to be satisfied with the Asian one. Slaves from the former sister republics are being employed by whole families together with children. How long it will take for serfdom to return back to Russia?

Laws are being accepted in interests of those who accept them. Large PR-companies openly specify "lobbying of bills" and "changes in the legislation" in the list of services. Human life doesn't cost a penny and what is allowed to "Edinaya Russia" is not allowed to the rest of Russia. The criminal code - for people, while for party members in power - "The Russian Truth" according to which murder of servant is not a crime. In the USSR people were "system small screws", in modern Russia we - superfluous details.

Industry lies on the side but there's factory of stars and cult of personality was replaced by cult of doubtful persons. All keeps on three foundations: endarkenment of population, hydrocarbonic fuel and mad propagation. The Kremlin promises are as hydrometeorological centre forecasts - promise good but never come true.

Homeless children, orphans, vagabonds - power refused to do anything with everything urging poor population to be engaged in charity, leaving them to drag themselves from a bog.

Then what's the reason to have such power?


If I Am a Trembling Creature or Have Own Opinion?

Each epoch has own colour. Imperial Russia has blue colour - colour of seas and sky to which serfs upraised hands. Soviet Union had red colour - colour of revolution, colour of war. The Russian Federation is grey as thoughts cut out on television curve.

Rural pensioner has scanty pension which hardly covers municipal payments. She works in a kitchen garden till evening to be fed with Sunday market where she occupies place since early morning. On elections she voted for Medvedev. I ask: "If you are satisfied with power?" "They are blood-suckers!" "Why then you voted for them?" "They said on TV ..."

From year to year elections become more absurd. At first they deleted the column "against all", then deleted unnecessary candidates. Will there be surname of the only candidate in bulletins on elections-2012? They will say on TV that democratic choice is to come and "enter a check". Nevertheless they will come. And will enter. Psychiatrists consider that alcoholics, addicts, people having little education, depressed and tired are more subjected to infusion. Whether this range prevails in modern Russia? Here you are recent conversation in the spirit of Chekhovian feuilletons. "Do you go to church?" "I am not a believer". "So do I but I go to church - and, making down-to-waist bow in front of the church, - and cross myself seeing the domes". Still waters run deep, the Russian - the more so.

"National Unity Day" became national holiday. Unity of vagabonds with oligarchs? What unites all in Russia? Feast in time of plague? The deed for the sake of future generations is qualified as the one from psychiatry category, idea of general prosperity is replaced by ideology of personal consumption. Earlier people lived so that other remember, now - so that there will be something to recollect.

Cortege passed under my windows on the Moscow street. "Off the road, bastards!" - was heard from "loudspeaker". The drivers as cockroaches hid along the road. The deputy parked his car in the centre of capital in the middle of the avenue having blocked off traffic and all patiently waited for him to return. We have a goat instead of the shepherd in the herd of rams: rams are obedient to it. Whether it is not an allegory of Russia? Whether it's not the time to ask a question: "If I am a trembling creature or have own opinion?"

There were tea drinking arranged in the house of my great-grandfather. Members of revolutionary underground gathered under the guise of guests. They could be sentenced to Siberia and great-grandfather had four children. Today "protesting electorate" prefers talk show, convinced that they have fence-sitting.


Positions of Opposition

I re-read biographies of members of "Narodnaya Volya": hung up, shot, stirred up in casemate... Earlier oppositionist was associated with undergrounder, today it's a public figure. He doesn't risk life for the sake of career. Our opposition complains on rigid laws. On that the right to revolt is not registered in the Constitution? Whether laws in 1881 were softer? What about 1917? It's obvious that oppositional movements are not interested in struggle, they follow a precept "Go forth and multiply", so very soon there will be more organizations, than active workers. Without speaking about uncountable small parties of those "leaders" who as if baby birds only yesterday dropped out of the Kremlin feeding trough.

It is necessary to recognize that there are no insurgents in modern Russia and spineless far-outers were banished to the Internet. Revolts in virtual world are also virtual.

Method of destruction of dangerous movements is known for a long time. Participants fall into radicals, undistinguished persons and adventurers. The last are being bought. There could be dialogue with indistinguished persons as in recent case with Kalashnikov. Radicals remained in tiny minority are being used for demonstration of pluralism as a snake with poisonous teeth being pulled out.

The offer to dress slaves in identical clothes to distinguish them from free was rejected by the Roman senate: "Then they will see how rare we are". In modern Russia power stronghold makes percent share, the rest - opposition but instead of unification oppositionists cook a hair before catching him. There is an impression that position of opposition could be any today. The main thing that power was above.

It was Rus that was triumvirate bird, Russia - a bus creeping to breakage. One, looking through the window admire landscapes, others sing "drinking song", the rest sleep. The conductor regularly raises money.

Russia, go ahead!

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