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Government Will Reduce the Number of Strategic Enterprises by More Than Half

Government Will Reduce the Number of Strategic Enterprises by More Than Half

The Russian government prepared the decree of the president according to which the list of the strategic enterprises will be cut approximately by half. According to the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, 240 joint-stock companies and unitary enterprises will lose corresponding status. The list of the strategic enterprises was confirmed by Putin on August, 4th, 2004 when he held a post of the president of Russia. Initially there were 518 federal state unitary enterprises and 546 joint-stock companies in the list.


The head of the Russian government made announcement at the meeting devoted to development of military-industrial complex. As he said, about 200 companies will remain in the list of the strategic enterprises.


Meanwhile Putin promised that changes would not touch basic complexes of military-industrial complex as well as key actives of the state. At the same time he did not specify what enterprises exactly will be deprived of the strategic status.


The list was reduced not once, at that usually companies were crossed out of the list on the threshold of their privatisation. In February mass-media informed that president Dmitry Medvedev charged the government to present till March, 15th the list of companies entering the list of strategic enterprises which were planned to be privatized in 2010-11.

- Presence of the strategic enterprises assumes presence of strategic interests, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov thinks. - What are strategic interests of the Russian Federation in Putin's or Medvedev's understanding? It is mysterious enough and is described by immortal Sharikov's maxim: "I want all!" It is impossible to deal in strategic interests. It means it is impossible to privatize strategic enterprises which provide these interests. Or possible? Everything is possible in our country. One cannot say that privatisation of enterprises bring any essential income into the budget - in essence, as by Chubays's recognition, privatisation was carried out not with economic but with political aims, content of the process did not changed. The process of reduction of the strategic enterprises reflects the process of cutting of strategic interests of the country, even - shrinking of all Russian statehood. What strategic enterprises can be in Upper Volta?


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