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Five Most Poorest Countries - in the Former USSR

Five Most Poorest Countries - in the Former USSR

News agency "Regnum" defined the most "poorest" in the economic plan states. Lithuania occupied last place from 215 investigated countries; Latvia on rates of economic growth is on penultimate place, Estonia follows it though the Estonian opposition considers that the gravest economic situation is in this very country. As a proof the centrist party of Estonia results completely ruined national economy, devastated pension fund, presence of hundred thousand unemployed and enterprises which don't already belong to the Estonian people (are sold to the foreign capital).


Ukraine and Armenia enter five most economically backward countries.


- I think, the given rating of the agency "Regnum" is not absolutely objective, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - At least because there's no such economic term as "poverty" and it can be interpreted as you like. You will be name the country poorer, than Latvia but you can always say that in your understanding of poverty Latvia is the poorest. The second moment is presence of only countries of the former USSR among "five leaders". It seems to me that some Tonga Islands or something like equatorial Africa unequivocally looks more poorly, than Ukraine where I am at the moment. Let's say, on a level of development of Internet-services, in particular, mobile Internet Ukraine is obviously ahead of Russia. Well, in general it's difficult for those who happened to be in Tajikistan or Kirghizia to compare them to quite safe Ukraine. I would not even compare Ukraine to Romania and Poland where economic deadlock is much more hopeless, than "independent" - simply the Poles go to Europe to work and it seems to us that everything is ok there. But if to take percent of the Ukrainians earning at home and to compare it to the same indicator in Poland - situation is unequivocally in favour of Ukraine. Well, to compare Estonia to Tajikistan, at that obviously in favour of the last - very big stretch of imagination is necessary. After all there is Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ruanda eventually. Though the tendency noted by news agency "Regnum" is interesting. Little more successful managing and the Armenian (Estonian, Ukrainian) taxi drivers will appear in Kabul also. Well, tjhey shouldn't have ignored Russia, everything is ok with poverty in our country.


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