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Turkey Recalls Ambassadors from the Countries Which Recognized Genocide of the Armenians

Turkey Recalls Ambassadors from the Countries Which Recognized Genocide of the Armenians

Turkey decided to recall the ambassador from Stockholm for consultation and to cancel visit of Prime Minister Tajip Erdogan to Sweden planned for March, 17th in reply to acceptance of resolution on recognition of genocide of the Armenians in Ottoman Empire by the parliament of the country on Thursday. Earlier Turkey reacted sharply enough to acceptance of resolution on recognition of genocide of the Armenians March, 4th by the Committee on International Affairs of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the USA and recalled the ambassador in Washington for consultation.

Turkey traditionally rejects charges in mass destruction of about 1,5 million Armenians in days of the First World War and extremely painfully reacts to criticism in this question.

The fact of genocide of the Armenian people is recognized by many states. Uruguay was the first in 1965, it's example was followed by Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, 42 state of the USA. Genocide of the Armenians was also recognized by Vatican, the European parliament, World Council of Churches.


- In Soviet period all somehow unequivocally recognized genocide of "our" Armenians by "bad" Turks, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov reminded. - But then the Armenians somehow turned out to be not absolutely ours and then not ours at all - I will remind about tanks in the streets of Yerevan, about mass actions of the Armenians demanding independence, that it turned out somehow very quickly that almost exclusively Armenians (97.5%) remain living in Armenia and even the Russians (without speaking about Azerbaijanians) who were not actually being driven out quickly moved to their historical native land - Russian community in Armenia was reduced in 5 times. While the Turks, on the contrary, appeared the owners of the resorts most accessible to the Russians, not to mention enormous volume of foreign trade with Turkey. Also it was found out that the Turks have own point of view on the question of genocide of the Armenians - not that it's very convincing but it's insulting that earlier we believed that there couldn't be any other point of view. The Turks do not deny massacre of the Armenians in 1915 (just ponder how long ago it happened), they only do not want to recognise that the present Turkish Republic bears any responsibility for these murders. After all the concept "genocide" appeared in the international law only after 1945, when Holocaust theme appeared. Now countdown began when massacre of 1915 gets legal registration backdating, according to the norms which appeared 30 years after the events described. Responsibility for them is assigned to the state which appeared after the events and on citizens of the state in overwhelming majority born after the Armenian slaughter of 1915.

"Why it's so important in Russia, whether they recognise the Turks as hereditary murderers of the Armenians or not? - Anatoly Baranov continued. - Because it's a question in general of history re-writing, to be more exact about exhibiting of modern estimations the events took place long ago but still have consequences. After all in the past almost each war was genocide, if to judge using criteria of the second half of XX-th century. 200 years ago America and Australia with New Zealand were occupied by absolutely different peoples - where they are? Or where are Spanish moors? Where are Polabian Slavs? Or, on the contrary, where are those people who gave names to such cities as Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Adler? I am not taking about genocide of the Ukrainians by severe people "communists"! The Jews who suffered from the Holocaust can also be asked, where the Amalekites, the Philistines and the Canaanites are? In general it is possible to push it. No matter how sorry we are for the Armenians died in 1915, the Turks today reason more pragmatically - one shouldn't look into the past picking century sores. Eventually, 75-million Turkey is promptly entering the list of the leading European powers, while Armenia occupies one of the last places in the world on a number of indicators and, being incapable to feed up own population, annually throws out one million citizens abroad for earnings. To some extent it's a result of internal policy, consequence of lameness of the national idea based on discussion of old sufferings. Who needs it? Eventually, many Armenians died in 1988 as a result of earthquake but nobody shows charges in genocide to god? By and large, history which has not live witnesses is not our business. One should make own history, instead of trying to "get a twang" from sufferings of great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers.

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