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Art of Kissing

Art of Kissing
Yury Mukhin 23.03.2010

Edward Limonov acted with appeal: "As you know, comrades, on every 31st of the month at 6.00p.m. people of the most various ideological belief gather in the Triumphal Square. As the aim - general - to get freedom of meetings, execution of article 31st of the Constitution. Freedom is necessary to all.... We are disappointed in them, therefore we undertook to pull out freedom, using own hands. Left have strong hands..."


I have been observing this "pulling out" with one and the same effect, in this case, of freedom, in other cases - of some different useful to people things for already 15 years but somehow I've never reflected on some circumstances of such "pulling out", though I've written about some deliberate nonsense of similar actions from the part of their organizers. Now I wish to tell about their deliberateness from the part of a mode but at first some moments in general.


Meeting is a gathering, in Russian understanding, gathering in the open air within the city or settlement. If the meeting takes place out of city, revolutionaries of the past entitled it "mayovka" and, by the way, that mayovka was preferred to the meeting in conditions when forces of revolutionaries were few. The essence of the meeting - to show to someone that ideas for which announcement meeting is held have support of big or enough quantity of people (gathered for meeting), hence, both other people and the power should pay attention to these ideas. Therefore revolutionaries also carried out mayovkas when there was nobody to show either to people and power.

I had to act on meetings, by the way, on the same Triumphal Square and always there was a feeling of nonsense of the action arresting attention. You know when the number of organizers of meeting, leaders, "sign figures" and standard-bearers is the same as the number of rank-and-file members together with gapers and all together they make up just a small group on the huge area, then what do we show by it, at least to the same passers-by? Precisely the same position was of the meeting of Movement against Illegal Immigration and other "Gussian fascists" of Moscow but it was not so shameful - the meeting was carried out on deserted coast of a pond in Ostankino and nobody, except ОМОN and cops who were more numerous, than the participants of the meeting saw that shame.

I wrote about it earlier for enthusiasts of similar actions in vain (however, these notes will also be useless) but it does not mean that it is not necessary to talk about it, even if it will not change anything.

I will begin with that there's no difference, where to make tit of oneself by small number and absence of interest from the past of broad masses to oneself. These weights could be got interested in ideas and whether it's socially significant idea - freedom to hold meetings where he wants to Limonov?

One more thing - he should hold meetings in bedroom suburbs of Moscow where the inhabitant with pleasure will switch off TV-set, put on slippers and will switch from discussion of ideas of Ksenia Sobchak to discussion of equivalent ideas of Edward Limonov. That is, he should hold meetings where there is probability that those who should be agitated will join the meeting and, the second plus, could at own expense increase the number of meeting quantitatively. What is the use at inability to gather people with authority of organisation to hold meeting where people obviously hurry on own business?

Look, liberals already gathered (for today) over 11 thousand people having simply organized in the Internet petition under the Reference against Putin. In our country people without problems blame leaders in all the troubles, therefore this aim is clear to out people and is clear to such a degree that the quantity of participants of this "meeting" is limited just by "authority" of its organizers and those who sign. They organized it simply but cleverly.

However, Limonov is not going to manifest any useful to people ideas on the Triumphal Square (he hasn't been manifesting anything for 15 years, whether it's necessary to fuss about some "action"), if to speak in categories of result from similar actions, his idea is simple - to drill up OMON in conducting of military actions against people. Therefore he doesn't need the meeting and there's no need in its propaganda value. But I wish to notice that part of commentators expressed in their comments to Limonov's appeal readiness to support him at least morally and one directly accused those who wouldn't come to the meeting in cowardice.

I'll say at once that it is good propaganda method, good propaganda weapon - to accuse of cowardice not concordant with your idea. One shouldn't forget however that this weapon is similar to forbidden one - as soon as you have applied it, there and then it will be applied against you. For example, fear causes uncertainty of consequences of your actions, therefore certain bravery, say, is necessary to sign the Reference mentioned - after all it is not known what will follow from the part of the ruling, absolutely definitely, fascist mode. What will happen for unapproved meeting - is known long time ago, even V.Vysotsky wrote about it:

There's more wisdom in the novel "Adventures of Brave Soldier Svejk" than in collected works of some classics whom I won't mention not to get off the subject. There's a character there - major Ventsel. So, he shouted to be heard by everybody in the regiment: "Oh, my God! It's the third time he is caught by patrol of civil guardsmen. Immediately put son of a bitch into punishment cell; it is necessary to throw out such from regiment.... He even didn't fight with them! If it's a soldier? He should sweep the streets and not serve as the soldier. Don't bring food to him for two days. Don't put mattress. Leave him alone and give no blanket to this wimp".

Do you understand, enthusiasts, it is comrade Limonov who tells you that you are the best and most bravest soldiers of revolution, while, for example, major Ventsel would consider that you should carry dirt and would not give you food for two days. So, do not hasten to accuse others of cowardice, think first, may be other are simply cleverer, than you?

You have a lot of to think over. It's clear that the author of "Strategy 31" needs not to be forgotten but what for Limonov is necessary to the mode? If the mode is not capable to organize training of OMON using some other ways? Well, the mode would allow Limonov's enthusiasts to gather regularly on Triumphal Square, would take OMON away and would drive to Triumphal Square buses with tourists, the guides would explain to them:

This is a monument to poet Mayakovsky, under it you can see Limonov holding a meeting in protection of Limonov's constitutional law to carry out meeting under the monument to Mayakovsky.

While the mode does not kill Limonov with laughter, it helps him to stay with revolutionaries. What does the mode need it for? It is a question.

To tell you the truth, I cannot answer this question but for some reason I recollect one very old joke. Brezhnev, having met the president of some small African country, kissed him many times. The assistant asked:

- Leonid Ilich, is he such outstanding politician?

- Well, no, as the politician he is a piece of shit... But he kisses painfully well!

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