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Ravshan and Dzamshut Accused of "Moral Genocide"

Ravshan and Dzamshut Accused of "Moral Genocide"

Social movement of labour migrants from Tajikistan demands to forbid the program "Our Russia" and a film "Destiny Eggs". According to representatives of this organisation, they kindle ethnic discord. Moral genocide of the Tajik people - such characteristic was given to comic show "Our Russia" on television channel TNT and to the film "Destiny Eggs" by the head of thee movement "Tajik Labour Migrants" Karomat Sharipov. He demanded that the founders of the program and film should make public apologies and stop distribution of materials which the movement considers offensive.

This request "Tajik Labour Migrants" supported with corresponding references in the State Office of Public Prosecutor and the Supervision Committee of the Russian Federation.

According to Karomat Sharipov, the main characters of the comic show and its full-length version - blunderers-builders Ravshan and Dzamshut - promote creation of negative image of all Tajik people in Russia that can result, including, in growth of xenophobia moods in a society.

From editorial board: Some clever lady said once that all pleasant things are either harmful, or immoral, or leads to adiposity. The same thing with show "Our Russia" - unique show on the First channel which in general is possible to watch without yawning and loathing, is certainly so not politically correct that in every normal country of the world it would be forbidden long time ago. While our Russia checked itself, when it was already decided to close it. Naturally, applications in Office of Public Prosecutor and Supervision Committee of the Russian Federation should be considered as successful producer decision on promotion of film "Destiny Eggs".


Karomat Sharipov, of course, is a normal guy and good officer in the past but if to use not legal terms in the legal question - first of all not clear "moral genocide" of Tajik people, he will receive advertising instead of suit.


Though in essence we have, of course, article 282! At this it concerns not only national discord (Tajik and Caucasians peoples) but also regional discord (citizens of Chelyabinsk, Taganrog and Voronezh) by principle of sexual orientation ("Chelyabinsk muzhiks", etc), by social sign (vagabonds from Rublevka) and also by occupation characteristics (teachers, builders, metallurgists). If to approach the matter objectively, in our country people are imprisoned for 1% of what is shown in "Our Russia" on the federal channel. But it's ok - either film and the program are being liked.


As to "moral genocide" of Tajik people, this people have lived out not moral but the most real genocide only one and a half ten years ago, when approximately 150 thousand from 5 million population were killed and more than 1 million people became refugees. On all conventional parametres it is genocide but the problem is that not alien people killed Tajiks, that were Tajiks themselves - one clan destroyed another and vise versa. Nevertheless, the newest history of Tajiks - is completely not ridiculous, not amusing. There is nothing to laugh at. On the other hand, it awkward from the part of Tajik people to accuse Russia of "moral genocide", it turns out somehow silly - after all that were not Russians who killed 150 thousand Tajiks, at that not morally but physically, often using monstrous enough methods. Hands of many whose names are used today to call the streets have redder hands, than Nazis.

However it would be reasonable to bring the channel to trial with application of article 282 for the show "Our Russia". Not only opposition should suffer for casually dropped phrase - if imprison, than all.


Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk 

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