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They Will Try to Cross Out God from the Hymn of RF

They Will Try to Cross Out God from the Hymn of RF

The bill "About Introduction of Modifications in the Federal Constitutional Law "About the National Anthem of the Russian Federation' was brought in the State Duma on March, 25th. To change the words of a hymn of Russia again was offered by the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Boris Kashin. The deputy considers important in the 12th line of hymn - "protected by God native land" to replace a word "God" with the word "us".


Boris Kashin, by the way, member-corr. of the Russian Academy of Sciences, insists on the new version of hymn as it's said in the Constitution of the Russian Federation that "no religion can be established as state and obligatory", "everyone is guaranteed freedom of conscience, freedom of religion including the right to practice any religion or don't practice any".


Thus considerable quantity of citizens of Russia are not believers and the hymn cannot correspond to their ideology, so, it cannot promote consolidation of a society on the basis of principles confirmed by the Constitution, Kashin believes.


- Actually this state entirely doesn't correspond to the interests of the overwhelming majority of citizens of Russia, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov, - not just hymn words where god is mentioned. By the way, it's possible to demand change of words of hymn also according to the norms of spelling, not just according the norms of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. After all the word "god" in this case is not a proper name but a post or occupation and thus it's not correct to write it from a capital letter - in our country only one word is being written from the capital letter - President, while god could be written only from small letter only. Besides a number of representatives of people of Russia believes not in one but at once in several gods and it's necessary to specify what god exactly is meant in country hymn. It already contradicts to article 3 of the Constitution which asserts that people of Russia - are multinational, while uniqueness of god is recognized not by all peoples of our country. For example, Tuvinians and Buryats are traditionally Buddhists and Buddhism has rather wide pantheon of gods. However, it's not the main thing, the main thing is that the Constitution of the Russian Federation is executed neither orally, nor in practice. Authorities don't care for the Constitution in general and this devil-may-care attitude both to the organic law and to citizens of the country is simply fixed in hymn words. No matter if you believe or do not believe in uniform god or in the whole heap of gods, you are obliged to stand up at hymn sounds. It's necessary to change power, not the hymn. It's rather doubtful that people wait the toys in style "fig in a pocket" from the Communist Party in the name of its best representatives like Boris Kashin. Even if they will change hymn words - one nonsense for another - what will be changed? In essence it's necessary to state a disputable fragment as this: "Protected by oil and gas native land". And to rename the state into "Edinaya Russia". Then there will be no questions - you received what you wanted...


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