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"Еdinaya Russia" Decided to Play Soviet Power

"Еdinaya Russia" Decided to Play Soviet Power

"Edinaya Russia" builds new model of party leadership in regions lifting the status of leaders of its branches, the secretary of presidium of the General Council Vyacheslav Volodin declared. "The secretary of regional branch of the party should be the chairman of Legislative Assembly and the party, won elections, should delegate him for this post", - high-ranking Party member said to "Interfax".


He reminded that on Monday at the session of the General Council presidium heads of five regional branches of the party were already recommended for the posts of chairmen of Legislative Assemblies. Thus secretaries of branches should become speakers in the Kaluga, Ryazan, Kurgan, Sverdlovsk regions and Khabarovsk territory.


"Though already more than 30 heads of our regional organisations are simultaneously chairmen of Legislative Assemblies, such thing never happened before. We started carrying out system work in this direction", - Volodin declared.


From editorial board: Someone can seem in panic that Soviet period when the difference between regional party active and country council was in two-three surnames is coming back. But it's not so. During Soviet period the head of the regional or territorial party organisation was the main economic head as the present governor but the power to him was delegated by party.


In the present lay of things responsibility of "party in power" is not provided - the head of the regional party organisation will hold a post which does not assume any economic management. Actually "party in power" deduces itself from under any responsibility, leaving itself just pleasant function of the observer. At this with big preferences.


99% of citizens who are not party members of "Edinaya Russia" should observe how "party in power" observes. They cannot affect situation as the elective instrument is entirely in hands of "party in power" and, as practice shows, it never fails. Now decisions of the regional Legislative Assembly not even de facto but de jure will be accepted by "Edinaya Russia" exclusively, other deputies in this case remain only pro forma.


Actually Putin system continues its stagnation becoming more and more stiffen. Next stage - distribution of this practice on municipalities - and up to local councils.



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