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Russia in Figures: Country Is on a Razor's Edge

Russia in Figures: Country Is on a Razor's Edge
Аndrey Saveliev 13.04.2010

Degradation of Russia at Putin is reflected by figures before which all fairy tales about coming prosperity being spread by mass media completely suppressed by the power grow dim.

There are 4 million homeless people, 3 million beggars, 3 million street and landside prostitutes, about 1,5 million Russian women "work" at the races in the countries of Europe and Asia. 6 million Russian citizens suffer mental derangements, 5 million - drug takers, more than 6 million are immuno compromised.

10 thousand abortions are being made every day in the Russian Federation, 7 million marriages are childless in the Russian Federation. More than 80 thousand murders a year are committed annually. About 30 thousand people die in road and transport incidents. About 100 thousand Russians annually die from narcotic overdose.

Approximately 3 million people commit crimes in Russia annually. There are more than 1 million prisoners in the country - more than in the USSR during Stalin reprisals. The Russian Federation occupies 1st place in the world on indicator of repressiveness of law-enforcement system - 800-810 prisoners on 100 thousand population.

Alcohol consumption in the Russian Federation makes 14 litres of conditional spirit per a person a year (under other data - 18 litres). Physical degradation of nation begins at a level of 8 litres.

31 million children younger than 18 years live in Russia. No more than 30% are healthy, 3,5 million - invalids, 1 million - addicts. There are 750 thousand children-orphans (more than after the Great Patriotic War, when there were 678 thousand children-orphans). Two million children are illiterate. About five million are homeless.

There are one and a half million officials in Russia - three times more than in the USSR. 33.5 billion dollars are being spent for bribes and payoff of officials annually.

Russia "reached" level of 1957 on coal extraction, on manufacture of lorries - of 1937, combines - of 1933, tractors - of 1931, cars and fabrics - of 1910, footwear - of 1900. Aviation, radio-electronic, motor industries are almost completely destroyed.

What methods were used to measure growth of economy which Putin during the time of his board designated in figure 69 percent? This method is called "average temperature on a hospital". The country from industrially developed became underdeveloped. The growth was provided exclusively by fuel sector. Oil and gas export has grown from 76 billion dollars in 1999 to 350 billion. That are the only reasons of crooked growth which by 2008 has come to naught.

Foreign experts noticed that the growth in 11 of 15 former republics of the Soviet Union was more than in Russia. Only Kyrgyzstan appeared worse than Russia. Putin acted not more successfully than the presidents heading obviously depressive territories. He proved to be extremely inept head. He justified himself in people opinion using efforts of the powerful propaganda machine created by him. Not only liquidation of political system, falsification of national representation but also full termination of the creative approach to public service and economic projects of the state scale became consequences of his board.

Narrow-minded, mercenary people, not capable to involve talented commands of executors and to hear reasonable objections imitated reforms. Putin warmed wreckers in his government - Gref, Kudrin and Zurabov who consistently and persistently realized barbarous plans of destruction of industrial potential of the country and robbery by world oligarchy. Political stagnation and personnel crash - direct result of the mistake to wish for the reality and to stay in power as long as possible by deceit.

Not the most outstanding conditions for business were destroyed in Russia. Business became appendix to administrative posts and corruption - basis of all economic relations. World Bank in 2006 put Russia on 96th place from 175 possible following this indicator. On a scale of one to ten Russia has got 3,8 for efficiency of state administration and 1.9 - for legality. These are indicators of poor African and gone with the wind Latin American dictatorships. Putin counted off before people reporting that during eight years of his board foreign investments have increased seven times and capital outflow has been replaced by inflow - up to 82 billion dollars in 2007. For the same time capitalization of the share market in relation to 1999 has grown in 22 times and left on a level in 3300 billion dollars. Turnover of commodities with foreign countries increased more than five times, more than 6 million people - are tourists from Russia.

To what extend these figures are real? If to consider that Putin has legalized dirty capitals of the whole assembly of oligarchs, it is easy to understand that monetary streams were legalized in the same way. The growth shown - only account form. These figures didn't bring any qualitative results. Capitalization - only a paper indicator taken into account in the turnover of fictitious values.

Let's not forget that Putin considered all indicators after an awful failure of 1998 connected with default. Well, interest in oversea tourism means inability to interest people in having rest and tourism in own country as well as some restoration of communications of the country which has been torn apart by borders in 1991. There are simply no achievements! Only crafty figures. Besides all other finesses there is a game: representation of economic data now in roubles, then in dollars. Thus people do not know that for eight years real purchasing capacity of dollar in Russia has fallen at least twice! Even this cautious amendment cardinally changes all figures. Crisis of 2008 showed that "Putin stability" - fiction, deceit. Cardboard construction built by him has started falling and in 2009 the country appeared on the verge of catastrophe.

The shower of gold has been pouring on the country during many years - incomes of trade in oil. Putin did not use that circumstance which gave us chance to carry out strategic changes in the economic mechanism and quality of life. Riches were eaten up by oligarchy and its attendants.


Putin reported only sharp reduction of external debt of the extremely doubtful origin (that is satisfaction of obligations before foreigners in conditions of refusal of obligations before citizens whose property and all monetary deposits were stolen the nineties). He also reported a gain of gross national product up to 8 percent a year which for some reason in the material form could be felt only by owners of the largest fortunes but not by simple citizens.

As the person who does not have representations about real economy Putin did not operate with natural figures of manufacture and consumption. He only could say that real incomes of citizens grew in 2,5 times for eight years. Again the principle of incorrect comparisons instead of comparison of a consumer's basket for each of social strata is being applied. What's the hell to know growth percent in roubles, if manufacture of the goods flies under a slope? There's only one reason: to hide real state of affairs and to lull people saying that all's go well.

The same method of juggling was used when Putin declared that Russia reached record growth of birth rate for 25 years and on a number of children - record for 15 years at the time of his boarding. The deceit here is obvious. The growth occurs from extremely low level. The general growth of births is estimated in comparison with the period of demographic catastrophe. It would be truthful to say that the country dies out and faces demographic precipice where it falls with fatal inevitability.

Author - Andrey Nikolaevich Saveliev, Cand. Sc. (1991), Dr. Sc. Pol. (2000), deputy of the State Duma (2003)

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